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Catch up on Season 2 of Comedy Series “Professor JohnBull” | Watch Episodes 2-13 on BN TV!



Haven’t been following the antics of Professor JohnBull and the gang? Don’t worry BN TV‘s got you covered!

Catch up on episodes 2-13 of Professor JohnBull as he and his friends crack you up!

Watch videos below!

Episode 2 – Dem Give Me

This episode treats the issue of students’ tendency to blame their teachers when they fail their exams.

Episode 3 – Selfie Stick

This episode is about the emergence of smart phones and the social media platforms which have no doubt accelerated the conversion of the entire world into a global village.

Episode 4 – Radio without Battery

In this episode the sitcom examines the sociological issues of gossiping and tale-bearing.

Episode 5 – Oil Windfall

In this episode the sitcom focuses on some sharp practices in the nation’s oil sector. It dramatizes the negative effects of over-dependence on the black gold as the nation’s economic mainstay.

Episode 6 – Find me Something

In this episode the satire draws attention to the negative effects of solicited tips both on the society and on the psyche of those involved.

Episode 7 – African Time

In this episode the sitcom focuses on the term “Äfrican Time”and how it comes into play.

Episode 8 – Christmas

Episode 9 – Weight Watchers

In this episode, Di’ja makes a guest appearance as the subject matter is weight loss.

Episode 10 – Our Team

Episode 11 – Kitchen on the Run

This episode is focusing on the near extinct culture of impeccable table mannerism among the young generation.

Episode 12 – Eye of the blind

In this episode, the satire treats yet another national malaise, the issue of fake begging.

Episode 13 – Speak the Word

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