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Charly Boy: Legislooters



Where I wan hide my face put?

Shey una don take ear dey hear the arrant nonsense and jagbagantis wey dey shelle for National Assembly?

The drama, the blackmail, the clowning around of most of the riffraffs called senators, whose sole aim of representing us is to loot us into oblivion. Useless people elevated by the  corrupt system to a position beyond their capacity. My people, can you see that these bunch of irresponsibles are only down for how much they can acquire, and never about the wellbeing of the people they represent. God Biko punish bad people no remain. Nonsense.

The few good ones who are trying to hold on to some goodness in them should hide their face in shame.

Our Mumu don do, no be till we die or till we all craze. Can you imagine? They are halting the screening of the Resident Electoral Commissioners until the President sacks Ibrahim Magu (acting chairman of The EFCC).

Legislooters, why must you guys insist on showing ya selves, and showing us how irresponsible most of you are ? My fellow frustrated Naijas have come to the conclusion that most of the decisions you guys take is not in the interest of Nigerians but your pockets.

Like it or not, Magu is not going anywhere.

It is the President’s prerogative to retain him or appoint someone else. The decision of the senate to reject him or sack him can only be advisory and not compulsory. There is no Law yet that binds the President to abide by any decision from these legislooters. It is their f**king constitutional duty to screen the Electoral Commissioners.

Look at all manner of 419ers, scammers, riffraffs, conmen that we allowed to invade our National Assembly. What a shame. See how we endlessly waste Nigerian revenue on a bunch of certificate forgers, armed robbers and riffraffs. My people Shey una know say, each senator earns a minimum of N30 million per month when for some of us, one solid meal a day has become luxury. We must occupy the National Assembly soon and the option to decide whether we need the senate or not is our right. The President should hurry and put this to a referendum on if we can still afford to fund such expensive senate when Nigerians are poor, hungry, angry and hopeless.

Most of our yeye legislooters have demonstrated that they are a devilish cult group whose sole aim is to keep enriching themselves never minding if my people are jumping off the third mainland out of hopelessness and a stolen future. God no go punish una remain.

My fellow frustrated Nigerians, time don reach to teach these legislooters say Na we get the land. I know for a fact, that because of our docility, these enemies of the Nigerian state feel they can do anyhow. I know that sooner than later, dem go see anyhow. If dem no take time Na their blood we go take wash the land. The battle for the heart and soul of Nigeria has begun. We no go gree this time, because our Mumu don reach final bus stop. We dey prepare because we dey come in all our glory. How many of us Una go fit kill because for most of us, the fear of death is no longer a problem because this is no life. You gang-stars have proven say nationalism no concern una.

Corruption has for long empowered the criminal minority to terrorise the silent majority. The end has come. The day is drawing near when the suffering masses of this country will seek their pound of flesh from those who have kept us poor, frustrated, hungry, angry, useless, hopeless. Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep, that pickin will know no sleep.
My people are about to metamorphose from becoming a victim to becoming The Fear.
If our yeye leaders no fear us, change no go come.
We are coming.
If your mumu don do, go now go register at: OurMumuDonDo

Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa aka Charly Boy is a seasoned broadcaster with over thirty years of media, socio-cultural and street experience accrued via ‘the Street University’. He has an outstanding academic background with a diploma from Harvard University, a degree in Suffolk University and a Masters from Emerson University. | Facebook @charlyboy | Instagram @areafada1

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  1. The realist

    March 31, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Area father words can’t describe how grateful I am for your consistency in speaking against the heartless, wicked and devilish inidividuals overseeing the political affairs of this country, our Mumu won dey enter another bus even after reaching it final destination. When ever you turn your tv to the news station is either a Nigerian has being arrested for a crime or killed. Nigerians are dying in colossal numbers out there as a result of seeking greener pasture else where including receiving all sort of inhumane treatment in other countries and the most painful of it all is that this countries can’t be compare to Nigeria in terms of natural endowment but because we have incompetent, selfish, heartless, insensitive, inconsiderate, dementia individuals running the political show we can’t achieve the desired change we all seek for.

    Area father like you rightfully said how mumu really don do, we just have to act I mean act fast. Rather than our youth dying out there for frivolous reasons it would be better we die for a course that would benefit our children and great grand children in the long run.

    Area father im ready to go to war with you against our Nigeria government…


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