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BN TV: What are The 3 Things Nigeria Must change to progress? Battabox Asks Nigerians | Watch



What are the 3 most important things Nigeria must change in order to move forward?

Education? The economy? The lack of electricity and water? BattaBox sent Timothy to find out from Nigerians the top 3 things they believe Nigeria MUST change. Here are some of their interesting answers…

Let the border be open for people to bring food to Nigeria because the hungry is too much.

Power section, education and economy.

…equality. We need to stop the art of treating others, especially the poor, like a second class citizen.

…stop corruption. The second one will be to solve our National Assembly…and to improve our mode of thinking.

What are YOUR top 3 things Nigeria must change?

Watch the video below:

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  1. Happy

    May 12, 2017 at 5:25 am

    I m not Nigerian but as African I think most African countries suffer to same diarrhea. Namely. Corruption.Enriching of own families. Poor are left distraughtly yet they voted these criminals.
    NNigeria. Angola. DRC. And Zimbabwe suppose to b Africa’s Anchor.
    When wil right ppl be elected to bring Africa to where it belong. These are rich countries compare to even RSA. Namibia. Kenya. But sad what’s happening. We need them to rise. Wish we had the oil naija had. Diamond’s and God Angola n DRC has

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