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New Web Series ‘CON$equences’ is Based on Reformed Internet 419ers | Watch Episode 1 on BN TV

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CON$equences is a modern serialised drama that follows the lives of culturally diverse con artists; but unlike other similarly themed shows, this one is anchored by adult Yahoo Boys (think “Nigerian Prince” type email scams). Most people have either heard about or received solicitations from scammers like the Yahoo Boys, so as characters they are familiar and intriguing, but never fully explored on TV, movies or a web series.

The show embeds post-colonial ‘Africanisms’ into the fabric of African immigrants living in the US; hence giving us intriguing characters in environments quite different from what we are used to seeing.

CON$equences offers a unique and original take on the con genre and hopefully sheds some light on ways people can protect themselves from the various shady characters out there.

In episode one, Sebastien, a lawyer and former Yahoo boy informs his fellow reformed internet scammer Tito, about a possible target for their schemes. The target’s name is Damien Miller; a former NFL player who’s swindled close to half a million dollars meant for needy families and children in Africa through his charity organisation.

Watch episode 1 below

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