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How Do You Stay Motivated During Your Weight Loss Journey? Busola Shares Tips on BN TV




In her last video, vlogger Busola of Booski_Fit shared her weight loss story with us, explaining how it affected her mental health.

In this new video, she’s sharing a few tips on how she has managed to stay motivated and positive throughout her journey.

She says:

Hi Guys! Welcome back to my channel, today I’ll be sharing my own tips on how I stay motivated. Over the past year I’ve learnt that initial motivation does not last, it takes discipline and consistency to keep going.

As some of you guys already know I currently don’t have a trainer or nutritionist. I’ve researched and learnt a lot on my own and I’ve put it into use and it has worked for me. I hope this video helps you in one way or the other. Losing weight is TOUGH, but so are you!


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