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Inspiring! Meet the Blind shoe mender who is defying all Odds | Watch




Endurance Otobi is a blind shoe mender from Delta state Nigeria. He was not born blind, he started having problems with his sight while he was in primary school and then became blind in 2002 after an incident doctors later revealed to him it was glaucoma.

Endurance’s parents were unable to pay for his surgery which led him to stay at home from 2002 to 2009. He later made up his mind to fend for himself.

Endurance Otobi learned to weave at Equipment Life Foundation, at Oshodi, Lagos, sponsored by a couple of friends. After graduation in 2010, he started teaching people how to weave bags and other things.

Against all odds, Endurance Otobi has made a popular shoe mender of himself despite he has been blind for 15 years now.

This is his story:

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