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The Nigerian American: You need to listen to eLDee’s New Podcast series



BellaNaija - The Nigerian American: You need to listen to eLDee's New Podcast series

At 19, eLDee started a band that revolutionized modern African music, initiated the largest physical distribution network for media in West Africa, jump started the careers of many successful artists. A leader and social influencer, eLDee is also a technology innovator and investor in multiple technology startups.

This “Nigerian American” podcast is eLDee’s platform for telling his many stories that share some rare knowledge, challenge conventional wisdom, explore some uncharted territories and sometimes asks tough questions.

Listen below:

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  1. SS

    September 23, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    inarguably eldee is one of the most talented, most intelligent artist ever in Nigeria .you guys should listen to the podcasts…you would be stuck, he is such a good story teller,thank me later

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