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Soul Medicine? Laugh With Your Partner!

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Almost every girl, when asked the kind of man they want to date or marry, would say: I want a man who can make me laugh. It sounds a little shallow, but the truth is that laughter is a key ingredient in any relationship. Not only does it help you bond as a couple, it helps calm tensions, increase attraction and rekindle the excitement when your relationship feels stale.

Basically, the moment you stop laughing with your lover or partner, you are pretty much guaranteed a miserable road to a break-up. Why have BAE or be a BAE who cannot add laughter to your love?

Think about it: couples who laugh together stay together. When you laugh more often, your conversations are more positive and upbeat, you have more fun, and nothing stays a big deal anymore. Also, fights are easier to resolve as you generally are less defensive and have fewer inhibitions. However, when there is no laughter and no one has a sense of humour, the relationship becomes dry real quick and almost every activity seems laborious.

The good thing about humour is that it is not innate, and with the right tricks up your sleeves, you can coax a laugh or two from your lover or partner and keep your relationship vibrant. For those desperately looking to inject a bit of humour to their relationship, here are a few of these tricks you may find useful:

Work on having a sense of humour
You cannot really make someone laugh if you cannot take jokes yourself. Before you set out to inject humour in your relationship, evaluate yourself first, and know if you can freely laugh and be okay with being the butt of a joke. Taking yourself too seriously is a sure way to shut down the possibility of humour between two people, no matter how in love they are. Also, check if you are sensitive to your partner – as what you may find funny and consider a joke may be life-changing for your partner, enough for them to break up with you.

Find out what you both consider funny
You may be in love, but it not a guarantee that your tastes will be the same as theirs, or your preferences will align. Likewise, the things that make you laugh, may not be the things they will get their ribs cracking or the fact that you can’t be bothered about humor does not mean they are not bothered about it. For instance: You could find Nollywood comedy hilarious, but your girlfriend sees it as completely gauche and instead prefers sarcastic wit. Study your partner’s funny bone, discover their unique sense of humor -what they enjoy and what they would laugh at, and use it once a day or at least from time to time. Doing this helps you as a couple to reach your “laughter potential”.

Laugh even when you don’t want to
Sometimes to bring humour, you have to acknowledge it in others. A good way to bring laughter into the relationship is by responding to your partner’s sense of humour even when you do not necessarily find them funny or you are not the in the mood. Making this extra effort makes them feel secure and strengthens the bond of your relationship. It also helps kill undue stress as well and keep the two of you together when you’re drifting apart.

Give random Gag gifts
Generally, a gag gift is a gift you give someone with the intention of getting them to laugh in return. It’s usually supposed to be harmless and can only really be effective when you know the recipient and their personality. It, however, can be a very powerful tactic when it comes to generating fun. It can be anything really, perhaps something related to a private joke you have or something completely stupid. The idea is to get them laughing off their head. You do not need to get the gifts from stores; you can make them on your own. The point is for it to pass across a message. Giving random gag gifts to your partner is a creative way to inject creative humour to your relationship and get your partner laughing again.

Applying these steps can help amp up the humor between you and your partner. Can you think of other steps that may also come in handy?

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  1. Chic

    September 22, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    Can’t even stay in a relationship where everywhere is tensed up. I’m playful and can’t stand it.
    Friendship is key to me. Life’s already too hard, don’t need all that stress.

  2. Teekay

    September 24, 2017 at 7:43 am

    Well written! In as much as laughter is good lets not forget to also discus important issues when needs arises.

  3. yaga

    September 25, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    Growing up, my sisters and I huddle up all the time laughing ourselves silly, we could laugh at just about anything.My Dad couldn’t understand it,lol. i guess we get it from my mum, who is by the way very funny even without meaning to be.I cannot over emphasize the importance of laughter in my life, i have a higher inclination to ppl who have a sense of humor than ppl without. Anyone one with an advice on how to date a guy without a sense of humor, we have conversations that feel so rigid and stereotype,plus he’s not playful and nether doesn’t make me laugh…even when i try to be funny or create avenues he can use to be funny, he just never gets it. How does anyone be with such a guy? I am at a point where i am trying not to be so selective but the future of the relationship seems so gloomy. Asides his lack of humor, we don’t seem to have anything in common at all but he claims he’s in love. sorry for the long post but this post just reminded me of my situation

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