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6 Nigerian Men Share their Most Embarrassing Moments Ever!



Life is full of embarrassing moments. It is inevitable that you will, at some points, find yourself in situations that are awkward and embarrassing. Of course, these embarrassing moments occur with varying severity. Some occasions may be as simple as your stomach rumbling loudly in a congregation or absolutely traumatizing, like farting in front of an audience when delivering an official speech. Often, it’s how you handle what has happened that has a huge influence on the end result.

For many of us, these embarrassing moments are secrets we will take to the grave. But some brave BNers have taken the step to reveal all about their most significant mishaps and fails. They share their most embarrassing moments and how they recovered.



Ah! I can never forget this. We were in Uni. We had an exam that day and we were all in groups and pairs sitting in the exam room, revising our notes. I was revising with one of my very brainy friends, a girl. We are cool so she is someone I can belch or fart in front off. So as we were there, my stomach pressured and I released some gas. I didn’t think it will smell that much, but it did and my very dramatic friend stood up left me. She said she could not take it and people will think she is the one that farted if she stayed there and endured it with me. To save face, I followed her. But unknown to me, the smell trailed behind me. I followed her to the new sitting position, and there was a boy there who had been sleeping. That’s how the boy now woke up and started asking who farted. My stupid friend pointed at me laughing. But the guy was not having it, he started shouting, attracting attention. Next thing he punched me in the face. I now got upset and grabbed his neck. We were arguing in that position. He kept asking: “Why will you mess like this and ruin people’s environment” and me, angry kept replying “Why won’t  I mess, do you own this environment?” It was serious. People had to separate us. It is funny now, but then I was so angry I didn’t stop to consider how embarrassing it was. I should have punched him back. I still fart in public sometimes sha. There is no toilet for farts.” – OBINNA

I remember in London, I was going to pay for petrol inside of the shop in the petrol station, as everyone does. However, it was about 9pm and usually the doors are locked, so you pay through the window. I saw somebody walk out the shop, so I felt he didn’t want me in, because I was Black. The chap at the door said, don’t come in, but I forced my way in and there was a massive dog and it grabbed my wrist, I somehow managed to wrestle my wrist out of its mouth and stepped out, whilst they closed the door. Embarrassing and scary too. I have been scared of dogs ever since. It was so embarrassing because I got it completely wrong, with regards to why they wouldn’t let me in. A few grazes on my wrist, nothing serious but I know not to just assume anyhow anymore.” – LESLEY

I hate being embarrassed, so I tend to lock such memories away never to revisit them. But so far, the most traumatizing was an experience I had with a girl I was in love with. We had gone on a date. I took her to Yellow Chilli and she ordered seafood Okra. She was being real with me and we were vibing. We even went back to her apartment and she invited me in. We sat on the couch just continuing our gist. That was how I went in for a kiss and she dodged. Several times too. She was just sending mixed messages anyhow and I was confused. I thought she was playing hard to get. You know how dramatic girls can be. Lo and Behold she said No, so I pack my ‘ngwo ngwo’ and left. Case closed. Now that I remember, it was funny, but at that time I was deeply mortified. I never spoke to her again after that. Like if I see her walking down Rd 1, I will turn and go take Rd 20. It’s that bad.”  – OLA

I was a pretty shy kid growing up.  I had loads of embarrassing moments. Many are related to my having a very delicate stomach because, in school, I suffered quite a few accidental discharges.  The most iconic was when I peed on myself during my Cambridge O levels exams. The invigilator said I couldn’t go to ease myself and my bladder was already too full and no longer cooperating. I couldn’t control the situation so I just let it all out. It was very bad because the girl I had a crush on was even there too. The teacher did not even feel bad and shouted at me, drawing, even more, attention to it all. I was sitting at the back, so everybody could just turn and see. I don’t think I will ever recover from it. But I guess going thru this many bad experiences kind of made me able to withstand other embarrassing things that could happen in future. Thing is I am still shy at heart and I avoid embarrassing situations, even during movies I close my eyes when I see someone about to be embarrassed. lol” – OPE

So we finished from training and my pants were a bit too tight that day. I don’t even know why I wore those pants for training, to be honest. I was heading up the stairs and took a stride that was way too long and gbam! My pants ripped at the assembly part giving my colleagues and every other person a full view of my ass cheeks. I actually had not worn boxers that day, as you can see how the devil works. It was a life turning experience for me. There was nothing I could do. Thankfully my colleagues were guys and did not laugh, but I am very sure they were scarred for life. I can imagine being forced to stare at someone’s hairy butt. When it is not even a female’s. I am shameless sha so, it was easy for me to get over it. I am even the one that brings it up as a joke in the office now.” –NNAMDI

Ok. So my aunty used to have a traveling agency and she would package these annual international tours for kids in school to go see other countries over the summer holidays. I was 10 when she asked me to come for one of them to France and Spain. I was in the tour group with my cousin and 17 other rich kids. I remember taking a leak but not knowing that I had peed all over my slacks and then went on a walk with the rest of the group to see the sights. On our way, I noticed that most of the Hausa speaking rich kids kept looking at me, whispering and laughing. We get to a train station and we all sat down and then the smell comes rushing into my nostrils. It all clicks and then I realize I’ve been the butt of all their jokes. And it continued for the rest of the tour because I couldn’t change until we got back! I’m a shadow of myself because now I become super-self-conscious and paranoid when I people keep pointing or laughing around me and nothing funny happened.” – AFOLABI

What has been your most embarrassing moment this year? Share in the comments!

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  1. randommer

    December 18, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    I hope OLA the yellow chili guy knows he sexually harassed this girl. You tried to kiss her she dodged – not once, not twice but several times! How was she sending mixed messages? Guys and Girls it’s 2018. Let your yes be your yes, times have changed.

    • Ni

      December 19, 2017 at 11:24 am

      Please don’t leave out this part — “I thought she was playing hard to get. You know how dramatic girls can be. Lo and Behold she said No, so I pack my ‘ngwo ngwo’ and left. Case closed.”.

  2. Chu

    December 19, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    Afolabi I really hope you have gotten over that phase, my heart bled to see you write that you are a shadow of yourself, please rise above that past you were just a kid.

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