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Here’s Why You Need to Get Involved & Be a #PVCitizen



Remember when we were young and we’d hear stories about how there is a brighter tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is here.

The truth is that if we want to make our present and future brighter, we have to be active participants in the process.

Enter #PVCitizen.

To promote active citizenry among millennials, a group of us have started #PVCitizen.

A couple of months ago the PVCitizen Initiative was born so that we, as Nigerians, can be encouraged to be more active citizens.
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Today we are officially introducing it to the world.

We wish to see millennials debating politics, not just on social media, but also on platforms where their voices will have an impact. We want to see them on the streets queuing to vote for their representatives, those at the local government levels, state level, and federal level.

Our hearts swell with pride whenever Nigeria’s in the news for anything good. See the all euphoria about the Super Eagles, for example. We really could make that as a common occurrence.

It really does begin with you.
It’s time for you to be a #PVCitizen.

The first step is for you to register to vote. Have you done this? If your answer is YES – Yay you! If no, click here to find out how.

You can follow our #PVCitizen campaign on Instagram @pvcitizen and Twitter @pvcitizenng.

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  1. NaijaStudents4UK

    July 1, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    It’s a brilliant idea to encourage people to vote, a lot of people have lost that sense of patriotism including myself. However, am giving it one more try, am going to register to vote and encourage my students to do the same

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