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The Daily Vulnerable by Chude Jideonwo: New Year, New…what?



New you, yeah?

Well, how has that worked for you all these years? For much of you, not very much. 

How about old you, getting better, making decisions to grow steadily? How about you, acknowledging that there is nothing wrong with essential you, and you don’t have to wait for some big thing that suddenly turns you from ‘wrong’ to right’?

How about you stop waiting for the illusion of replacement – who you are for who you want to be – and begin the process of renewal, from who you are into who you can become?

One leads you to keep waiting for a miracle. The other helps you to keep believing in yourself, day after day. 

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Jideonwo is a storyteller, using the research and evidence on human flourishing to inspire new narratives about politics, markets, faith, identity and society in Africa. He is a co-founder of RED, which he ran for 13 years before stepping down in December 2017. One of its companies, StateCraft Inc. handled communication for the Muhammadu Buhari campaign in 2015 and has worked in elections in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

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