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Atiku Two Times Better than Buhari – Obasanjo | WATCH



Former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo has said that Atiku Abubakar of the PDP is a better candidate for president than Muhammadu Buhari of the APC.

Obasanjo made this known in an exclusive interview with BBC. He condemned Buhari’s “utter incompetence, nepotism, condonation of evil and misconduct, including corruption”.

“The weakness of the body, the mind, and the totality of Buhari compared with Atiku, I believe Atiku will perform two times better than Buhari,” he said.

On the current anti-corruption war, Obasanjo said there’s more smoke and heat without fire.

Obasanjo also chided the Buhari administration and the APC saying “you can still the whole of Nigeria and if you belong to the APC, you are safe”.

“But you can steal N10, if you criticise Buhari and his government, even if you stole the N10 15years ago, they’ll come and ask for it”.

Watch the full interview below:


  1. Dever Biam

    January 22, 2019 at 3:52 pm

    The only thing I took out of this interview is the former President taking responsibility for the killings in Odi Bayelsa State. Soldiers only take orders may the souls of the dearly departed continue to rest in peace including the Army chief who led the operations.

  2. Truthabout2019Elections

    January 22, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    Ex- President Obasanjo removed Senate Presidents at will, removed any opposing voice, removed Fayose for a small insult, and removed Ladoja with thugs in Ibadan. Who are you calling “DICTATOR”? BUHARI.

    Ex-President Obasanjo withheld Lagos State fund for 3 years, not minding how Lagosians would eat, Yaradua got there and released the fund.

    NASS members were abusing President Buhari openly, messing up everything at will; Gov. Fayose has been abusing President Buhari for 4 years now. Not a single State in Nigeria has been denied their constitutional rights because of politics till date, all their funds, Paris fund and bail out, FAAC etc. But who is the DICTATOR? BUHARI.

    Ex-President Jonathan ensured that NASS opposition members were locked out including Tambuwa the Speaker of the house. They had to climb gate to gain access.

    Jonathan empowered OPCs in Lagos and they were destroying anything in Ikorodu to Ojota that looked like opposition party. Orga of DSS was used to invade APC secretariat, Journalist arrested and Newspapers siezed, we forgot all these….

    Ekiti was militarised, Fayose was given power from Aso rock to order Military guys at will. Fayemi the incumbent at that moment was rendered powerless that he was shouting when Police commissioner was used by PDP and a guy was shot…All these videos and pictures are still here (google is your friend). But who is the dictator? BUHARI.

    Ex-President Jonathan met FX+ECA at $62 billion+. He DEPLETED it to less than $30 Billion in 5 years Jonathan sold crude oil for 5 years at an average of $100 per barrel of 2.2 million daily (2010-2014). Did he add a DIME to Nigeria purse in 5 years? NO.

    Buhari the ILLITERATE sold oil at an average of $50 of less than 700,000 barrel at some points because of militancy, yet had moved that FX to $47 Billion in 3 years.

    Don’t say how much did he borrow if you don’t even have the figure borrowed between 2010-2015 without adding a dime to FX.

    Who is the ILLITERATE? BUHARIIII. Jide Omokore, Aluko and oil goddess Alinson made an oil deal of N1 trillion and chose not to remit to Nigeria under GEJ. Did anyone raise eyebrow?

    INTEL of Ex-Vice President Atiku refused to remit to Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), not until last year that “ordinary” Hadiza the NPA boss challenged INTEL and insisted the funds must be remitted.

    A Christian Professor had been leading JAMB all through Obasanjo to Jonathan yet for 40 years of JAMB; only N52 Million was remitted to FG.

    A Muslim Professor who was appointed just in two years of handling JAMB remitted over N15 Billion. FIFTEEN BILLION. So who is following after righteousness?

    For five years of Okonjo Iweala was paying over 45,000 ghost workers unabated, yet just within 3 years, “ordinary” Kemi Adeosun removed such nonsense…I ask again who is more effective?

    Ordinary Abuja metro lane took 11 years from OBJ period that he INITIATED it…Ordinary intra-city metro lane o, but President Buhari that finished is within 3 years is the failure abi?

    “Which project did President Buhari INITIATE and COMPLETE in 3 years yen-yen-yen”.
    Mention any major project INITIATED AND COMPLETED in 3 years of Ex-President Obasanjo, or Ex-President Yar’Adua or Ex-President Jonathan?

    So on what parameters are you using to judge 3 years of President Buhari INITIATING AND COMPLETING? Even PDP can’t finish their own secretariat let alone that which belong to NIGERIA.

    Lagos-Ibadan road since Ex-President Obasanjo era till Ex-President Jonathan could not be finished. In 3 years of President Buhari, the road is receiving serious attention. Ask those who ply that road and those who go for Holy Ghost Congress monthly about
    the difference in pace of work. Wait, even Otuoke road in Bayelsa had to wait till President Buhari now starts to do the road. Who is the failure? Can it be BUHARIIII.

    What about “Almajiri School in the North? WHERE exactly are these Schools SITUATED in the North? OK, show us the picture.

    Emm, 2nd Niger Bridge? Lol, they completed it on the MAP, yet Fashola is on it PHYSICALLY now.

    Did Buhari fail on security issue in Benue? YES. Did others before him fail on the same security issue in Benue? YESSS. So where did you get all these noise of “Fulani President” is helping herdsmen?

    Who was the President during Jos crisis, herdsmen killing people in Zamfara in 2013, Odi massacre, Kaduna crisis? You think death suddenly started because President Buhari was a Fulani man? That he failed in that is one thing, but that YOU are making a narrative of “Fulani President” is giving herdsmen power is funny.

    January 1, 2018 in Omoku, Rivers State, Christians were coming from Church; cultists from the South South killed their own people. You know why there was no serious noise by CAN and you? You could not link it to President Buhari’s herdsmen or Fulani herdsmen. The same WIKE that did not drop a million to support the families of those bereaved in his constituency (State) went to Benue State to donate N20 Milliion and you hailed him

    Kidnapping of School children in Lagos; Badoo issue in Lagos; Crisis in Kaduna. Who did you call on? Ambode the Governor of Lagos and El-Rufai of Kaduna. When crisis happened in River State and Benue State, who did you shout about? President Buhari the herdsmen. What about your Bishops, Pastors and Imans that made Aso Rock their abode between 2010-2015? What did they negotiate for the body of Christ or common citizens? Yes, they got their jets; they got waivers and Universities all PERSONAL. Now that the tap to fuel their jets and lifestyles had stopped, all they tell you from the pulpit is “LIES and Prophelying“. Your anointed ones keep saying ANNOYING THINGS, yet you can’t query their lies?

    Wait, I remember again your problem with President Buhari fighting corruption selectively. So, mention ONE name among those in EFCC case without a case to defend. If your hero Presidents had fought corruption with one leg, by now shebi it is the second leg that President Buhari will be fighting.

    So what is your problem with the corrupt facing the music? Oh, how about blablablabla. If President Buhari did not catch them, somebody else will. But stop crying in defence of the corrupt being asked to face the music. If your uncle is corrupt, tell him to face it, and stop shouting how about other thieves.

    I know you lost your job because Ex- President Jonathan lost out and your job with Mama Patience was terminated. But stop using your personal loss as a yardstick for Buhari’s achievement.

    Under your hero, several young Nigerians were SCAMMED by Boro collecting money from them for Job, in the process killing many young Nigerians. Ex-President Jonathan cannot even sack him. So what do you want the families of those who died when Ex-President Jonathan scammed them of Jobs to do? Stop crying and face life.

    For your information, all those lies about “hidden agenda” can only fly on you because they know you are biblically illiterate. I even saw somebody hailing Femi-Fani Kayode for being the voice for the Church. Haaaaaa, abomination. Abeg make I stop, come dey collect your abuses in pack

    -FK, SAN

  3. omomo

    January 22, 2019 at 8:19 pm

    but baba has endorsed 2 0r 3 previous presidents who turned out to be disasters..why should we believe him now?

  4. james

    January 22, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    Diabolical, degenerate shameless man

  5. chi

    January 23, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    Obj is speaking the absolute truth. go on Sir. God bless u.

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