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3 Things Bella Disu shared at the Women In Business Initiative at Africa CEO Forum | WATCH

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Executive Vice Chairman of Globacom Limited Bella Disu gave a keynote address at the Women In Business Initiative at the 2019 Africa CEO forum.

On how she defines balance, she says: Have a strong support network. Leaders are not independent actors, she says. “You’re shaped by your constituents”.

On using quota systems to get women in top positions, she says it is one of the ways to go if women must advance, adding that if a woman gets on a board due to a quota system, it means she has the credentials to back up that appointment.

Her advice for women to succeed: Discipline; Embrace your individuality; Keep climbing the career ladder, confidently, “and when you get to the top, give a helping hand,” she adds.

She also spoke about the session in an Instagram post, saying:

For my keynote session at the Women in Business Initiative this afternoon, I was interviewed by Didi Akinyelure. We discussed my personal story as a young woman who started her career at the age of 18. The gender and age bias I faced, the assumption that I had an easy ride because I was working in a company founded by my father (Dr. Mike Adenuga). The truth is the exact opposite – he pushed me and gave me rigorous tutelage.

Discipline, embracing my individuality and a constant rebellion against stagnation have been rudiments that contributed to my steady rise.

I shared my views on the challenges women face rising to the top and how we must overcome them. There are no two ways about it, women must continue to advance. After all, we make up more than half of the world’s population.

My charge to women is to keep climbing the career ladder. Climb it anxious. Climb it confidently. But just keep climbing. And when you get to the top, because you will – give a helping hand to the women coming behind you – this is how we grow.

Dis had earlier met with President Paul Kagame of Rwanda where they discussed the use of digital technology to help the march towards economic prosperity in Africa. Details here.

Watch below:

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