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Here’s why Filmmaker Chinneylove said “BamBam is one of the most unprofessional actors Ever” | WATCH



Filmmaker Chinneylove – known for movies “Hire A Man” and “Hire a Woman” – is opening up on Big Brother Naija season 3 housemate-turned-actor BamBam.

Click here to see the photos from Chinneylove’s pre-release party for Hire A Woman.

According to Chinneylove, BamBam was to star in her movie “Hire A Woman” but BamBam was a no-show, costing the filmmaker so much money, time and efforts.

Chinneylove says that BamBam is one of the most unprofessional actors ever and that BamBam has no regard for the Nollywood industry.

Watch Chinneylove talk about it below (starts from 3:47 time mark).

Photo Credit: @bammybestowed


  1. Nkechi

    March 23, 2019 at 12:04 pm

    In a 10 minutes clip to promote your movie, your spent more than 8 minutes on bambam.

  2. Temilade

    March 23, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    I laughed so hard. Chinny, you’re the most unprofessional for wanting to launch a smear campaign against this lady to bring awareness to your movie . You’re indeed a clout chaser madam this your issue with Bam I have followed it on your IG page. Up till now Bam hasn’t uttered a word back to you. That you’re a movie Producer doesn’t make you correct. Is she still part of your movie? Is this a recent event? Not all relationships are meant to work I can tell you’re hurt because she’s probably not giving you the attention you need. It’s disgraceful and shameful of you I didn’t hear you say she ran away with your money what would you do if some actors you’ve paid didn’t show up and didn’t refund you??? Your relationship didn’t work out you replaced her and she moved on no hard feelings here stop with your attention seeking market strategy of trying to look for a controversial story to create awareness for your Movie if your movie cast is strong enough, you won’t be here talking about someone who is not part of your movie. Nigerians are not dumb people . I was part of Bolanle Austen Peters stage production team Queen Moremi The Musical that sold out last December This Bam was part of the cast. Stage rehearsals are more intense Bam Bam never missed a single day of rehearsal for more than 13 days! she gets there even earlier than some of us who lived around the venue she’s loved by all of us including the Producer. She is one of the most passionate professionals out there I’m saying this with all sense of pride. All the best with your movie leave this girl alone and move on for once

    • Archange

      March 24, 2019 at 3:17 pm

      People like you come here to defend rubbish and give needless muscles to people to opt out on deals after they have made commitments.Bambam or whatever is her name messed up and you must be bold to tell her. leave all the innuendos and face the issue.

  3. Anon234

    March 24, 2019 at 8:45 am

    Hello bambam☝


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