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Uju Chukwu: Here’s How You Can Use Sensory Branding to Promote Your Business

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If you could incorporate endless experiences into your brand, product or service, and transform your customers into non-paid ambassadors as a result, what would you do?

The effects could be enhanced marketing results, improved engagement of customers, and a bigger brand reputation.

Sensory branding is a way to take the identity of your business to the very next level. The more senses you engage with, the easier it is to cultivate customer loyalty by connecting with people through as many channels as possible. It turns out that it doesn’t take just visual beauty to create an amazing brand. It requires more, such as scent, touch, sound, and taste, too.

Here are examples of companies that use sensory branding in their businesses:

Arik Air
Most airlines rely on an experience-driven business model. Everything from the feel of the seat to the taste of the food can affect how you feel about an airline.

As such, airlines often offer the perfect examples of sensory branding.

Just look at Arik Air for example. Not only does this company embrace the same visual themes on every flight they schedule, with specific outfits, colored seats and more, but they also incorporate a consistent scent too. They can do better, though.

Abercrombie & Fitch
One of the best-known clothing retailers in America. They are known for a target market that consists largely of young adults and fashion-conscious teenagers. Since it’s the younger generation, including millennials and beyond, that enjoy sensory branding more than most, it makes sense that Abercrombie & Fitch would want to incorporate multiple senses into their branding strategy.

Temple Muse
This is a premium luxury store, cited in Lagos. Not only do they have a song playing as you step in, but they also have the consistent scent and the amazing feel of the environment.

Imagine how much more powerful your branding efforts would be if every time your target audience smelled a specific fragrance, tasted a certain kind of sweet, or saw a particular shade, they immediately thought of you. The number of interactive moments you have with your audience would increase unbelievably.

Obianuju Chukwu is a Marketing & Communications Executive with a focus on building brand's awareness and communicating their message. She also has a strong foundation in emotional intelligence and behavioural change which gives her great consumer insight as a Marketing professional. She transforms businesses and builds brands via storytelling, brand audit, market research, and strategy implementation to ensure results. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Covenant University, Integrated Brand Experience training from Orange Academy, and a diploma from IBM Institute, Berlin, Germany. She also helps people to be their best selves, live a purposeful life, and achieve greatness through her online platform