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Olawunmi Adegoke: Sometimes, All You Need Do Is To Focus

Don’t just allow the year 2019 go by without you achieving so much of your set goals. Stay focused on yourself and do what needs to be done.



When we hear the word focus, we sometimes want to think that it’s something that is impossible to do, considering the kind of distraction we face in our society today. However, I do think it is possible to maintain focus regardless of these distractions.

I stumbled on a simple definition of what focus means from a book I read recently. It said:

“Focus means saying no to the other 100 things that are good and saying yes to that 1 thing that you should be doing at the moment.”

A lot of times what makes people lose focus on what they set out to achieve is the fact that they get distracted by other seemingly good things they feel they should also be doing. For example they see other people taking certain steps, running certain types of businesses, and getting jobs they think they should be getting at that moment, and this might keep them off-balance.

The truth is that as humans, there are lots of things that will keep calling our attention. Adulting will keep posing a series of things for us to do. I also need to add that what others are doing will always seem better, but that dream or idea you have can also become a great accomplishment… if only you focus some more on it; give it the required attention.

There are so many reasons why people lose focus. It could be a lack of motivation from past failures and, probably the most common of all, peeping into what others are doing. I love to say this: everyone has his or her race to run in this life, and that is what they will be rewarded for. Focus means facing your own life and journey squarely. It is good to appreciate what others are achieving, but do not let it be a measure to what you grade your own achievement in life.

If you are thinking of how best to start focusing on your dreams and achieving more with your self, these things will help:

  1. Revisit your old dreams.
  2. Start living your own life by taking it a step at a time.
  3. Always look out for new opportunities to explore.
  4. Be calm, cool and collected.
  5. Have enough faith in yourself.

I conclude with this: it’s the beginning of the second half of the year. Don’t just allow the year 2019 go by without you achieving so much of your set goals. Stay focused on yourself and do what needs to be done.

I am Adegoke Olawunmi Joyce. A Software Project Manager, Inspirational Writer/ Blogger and a Transformational Coach. I run an online Reading Course, the ‘’30 Days Reading Challenge Online Course ’’ where I help people develop a consistent reading habit. I also I run an Entrepreneurial endeavor, Yourbookshopper(an online Book resource company) . I believe that the best way to live is to “Love God and Serve Humanity”. My social media profiles Blog: My IG: joyceolawumi_blog My Facebook: Adegoke Wumi My Online Bookstore:

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  1. Sandra

    July 12, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    Thank you so much for this.

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