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Introducing F.O.M.O, Ndani TV’s New Series starring Tosin Ibitoye, Tobi Bakre, Tomike Adeoye, Bukola Oladipupo

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An Original Ndani TV Series F.O.M.O

F.O.M.O is a brand new Ndani TV web series coming to your screens this September. The show explores the complexities of friendships and relationships and is centered around the life of Sukanmi, a young man trying to secure funding for his startup while also trying to find love.

Starring Tosin Ibitoye, Tobi Bakre, Tomike Adeoye, Bukola Oladipupo, Asa’ah Samuel and Elma Mbadiwe, F.O.M.O is an Ndani TV production and is powered by GTBank.

Don’t miss the season premiere, showing on on Friday, September 20th, 2019.

See promotional images of the cast below:

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