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From Hot Banters to Tweets that would Leave You Cracked Up, Here’s a Recap of #BBNaija Day 66



Hot Banter And Audition Recaps

In the midst of a Task preparation, the Pepper Dem Gang never relent in their banter and advice sessions.

Despite a long day of preparation ahead for the Wager Task presentation, the Pepper Dem Gang did not stop having back to back gist about issues that bother them. Here is how it went down.

Unearthing Old Wounds?

Now that Gedoni is out of the Big Brother Naija race, we thought that the little quarrel between Khafi and Venita was completely forgotten. But it was a surprise to see both of them bring back the matter in the Garden. “He has a level of assurance to the integrity of my character,” Venita said. Though Khafi did not completely agree with her, she said that the matter had nothing to do with Gedoni. They were referring to the Live Eviction Show interview moment with Ebuka.

1567564509 34 screenshot 2019 09 04 at 3.29.14 am

Knitting And Banter

It seems the Housemates have the full intention of putting up the best performance for the Wager Task presentation. The way Mercy, Diane, Cindy and Tacha went about knitting and stitching tirelessly, you would think their lives depended on it. In short, Mercy made sure she completed her knitting and came up with a small bag in the end. In the bedroom, Elozonam, Mike and Seyi had fun discussing the importance of going to the gym while Ike was busy with his sculptural work. We wonder why they stayed this late when it’s not a Saturday Night. Hmm, the fear of a Wager Task loss is probably keeping them on their toes.

1567564643 34 screenshot 2019 09 04 at 3.29.40 am

Brotherly Advice?

In the Garden, Ike and Omashola had a talk about how the race for 60 million Naira was starting to get real. He advised Ike to keep his head in the Game and not allow anyone to deceive him. “Everybody has got a strategy,” he told him. While we might believe his advice was genuine, we felt he was actually warning him against being used by Mercy. Then the matter drifted to his recent friendship with Khafi. He said he liked Gedoni so much that he can never think of hurting his feelings.

1567564676 34 screenshot 2019 09 04 at 3.24.47 am

Audition Reminiscence

Recalling their different experiences during their audition for the Show, Mercy, Khafi, Cindy and Frodd expressed gratitude for making it this far in the Game. With Frodd and Mercy at the forefront of the gist, the other Housemates looked on in amazement as they listened to interesting tales of one another’s audition experiences.

1567564744 34 screenshot 2019 09 04 at 3.25.19 am

Though they have a lot on their plates regarding the Dano Task and their Wager presentation, the Housemates can’t break their habit of serving us hot gist. After all, they have got to make themselves lively.

“We Have To Play With Her Little Head,” Ike

Ike is good to go, so let the mind games begin… officially.

Although most of the members of the Pepper Dem Gang claim they each don’t have a strategy, they have never failed to apply a little twist and wit to the dynamics of their interactions in the House. The mind game is one of those twists.

Mind Games

Looks like Diane isn’t the only one rattled by Venita constantly trying to rile people up. Ike expressed the same concern when she complained to him about her ordeal with Venita as they prepared for the Arla Dano Task. Diane blamed her outburst on insecurity because it all started the moment she heard her name while she was having a discussion with Frodd. Ike in response believed Venita was fond of playing mind games and he was willing to take her on.

“I will make her feel like everyone in the House hates her,” he said of his mind game strategy. So dedicated is he on this quest that he is willing to put in time and energy to irritate her. “All is fair in Big Brother House,” Elozonam said as he urged Ike on. That was rather surprising seeing as Elozonam is Venita’s close friend or so it seems.

Ike also blamed Venita’s actions on the pending Eviction and that was why she was putting up a show.

1567596276 56 screenshot 2019 09 04 at 12.14.23 pm

Yikes! Elozonam Is In Trouble

Ike insisting on playing mind games with Venita also spurred Elozonam on too and he responded, “maybe I should start playing games with people.” Such a wrong move because Diane heard it an immediately responded, “I feel like you’ve been playing games with me.” Now, what would have been the ideal response was an immediate denial, but Elozonam was in the mood to dig himself deeper. “I think you have been playing games with me too,” he responded. He must have recognised his folly as he eventually denied ever playing games with her. Elozonam is also up for Eviction and the fear of the Housemates he is going up against has him rattled.

1567596318 56 screenshot 2019 09 04 at 12.14.43 pm

Task Preparation Update

The preparation for the Arla Dano Task is certainly taking a toll on the Pepper Dem Gang. Diane wants Ike to focus his energy on winning instead of the mind games he plans to play with Venita. “I want to win, I haven’t won anything so instead of focusing on Venita, focus energy on the game,” she said trying to dissuade Ike from his agenda. Although they made up, Tacha got into it with Khafi earlier because she wasn’t pleased with how Khafi was following up with the other teammates and making sure they did the task assigned to each of them. ignore her.

1567596395 56 screenshot 2019 09 04 at 10.51.55 am

We can’t tell if it’s the quest to win or the one million cash price that has the Housemates on the edge, but whatever it is, we sure do hope it spurs them to give a good result during the presentation.

Twitter’s Spiciest Housemate?

Ever since she made her way into the Pepper Dem House as the product of Biggie’s twists, the president of the milf gang association has trended on Twitter for different reasons.

In case you missed the times Venita kept Twitter up for different reasons, let’s take a look at the ten times Venita served Twitter the real pepper – as e dey hot.

1567601334 34 venita

Doppelganger Alert!

As one of the most famous children in the world, there have been a lot of Blue Ivy Carter look-alikes over the years. Some of them have been close, others couldn’t be further away… Everyone’s opinion on celebrity look-alikes is different. But if there’s one person who knows, it’s Akreana.

Beauty Goals

When you mention the Pepper Dem’s beauty gang, Spicey 80ng and Mz Estellle think Venita should lead the pack.

Shaking Ships

Even Bet9ja can’t get enough of Venita’s spice. From breaking the Khadoni table to putting Frodd and Omashola against each other, we can’t help but wonder who else is on her list.

Venita + Pepper =?

The real definition of Pepper Dem, Kapofi and Olutoyinn seem to think Venita is staying true to the theme.

Scatter Everywhere!

With the drama she brought to the House, we now see why some members of the Twitter gang think she’s drama-filled. Do you agree with these tweeps?

More on the scattering table movement, what do you think about the time she revived the Esther and Frodd ship because of her pepper? Here’s what KiarraB4 had to say about this.

Whew! Did anyone turn up the heat? We had a blast reading the tweets that captured your thoughts about Venita these past few weeks. Keep them coming!

Khafi With The Buzz

Looks like there is nothing our resident cop does that won’t get twitter fingers typing. We compiled a few of those tweets.

Now, if there’s anyone that knows how to get twitter buzzing, it’s Khafi. From her romantic relationship with Gedoni to her amiable and chatty nature in the Diary Room, it’s always a case of the fastest fingers on Twitter when it comes to a cup of Khafi. A quick search of her name on Twitter will leave you shaking your head, laughing and slightly shocked about what people have to say about this young and energetic Pepper Dem Housemate.

1567616775 56 khafi dances

Let’s not even get into the whole ‘Daily Mail’ Fiasco that almost had Khafi breaking the internet with different hot takes on some of her intimate moments in the House while still serving in the Metropolitan Police. That’s a story for another day.

This time, we will be keeping it light with a few of the nice things and maybe, not so nice things you all had to tweet about her. Here we go.

Sweet And Brilliant? You Go Girl!

Who else can tell who is sweet if not TV’s famous sweetheart, Adesua Etomi.

Adetoro also agrees with Adesua. There’s something about people with the ‘Ade’ prefix to their names. They are an excellent judge of genuine and nice characters.

That’s not all. There’s more!

The Party Rocker

When it comes to the Saturday Night Party, Khafi is never the one to shy away from the dance floor. Even you guys noticed it too.

The Nay-Sayers

Now, you can’t possibly please everyone. If you are surrounded by people who find you pleasing all the time, then you are definitely surrounded by pretty good liars. A luxury Khafi doesn’t have.

Wow, wow, wow! That was deep.

Chatty Much!

Speaking of the Diary Room, we had quite a few laughs in there. When it comes to Diary session, the chatty side of Khafi really comes out.  Some of you love it…

Some of you find it totally amusing and make fun of Biggie’s supposed predicament.

or just make more jokes

It’s All Love Though.

But no matter what, you all still love your girl and you make sure she knows it.

If you don’t believe how much of a buzz Khafi is on Twitter, run a search yourself and don’t be shy to drop pop right back to tell us how right we are. We will be waiting.

Cindy’s Fierceness On Twitter

It might have taken her a minute to unfold her fierceness in the House but Cindy has since left us entertained. We’re not the only ones that think so.

We want to know… ?

First, the Twitter Association will like to know the deal with her party uniform and why her net jacket went on an unbeaten run for two Saturday Night Parties.

1567621385 34 cind

If her sumo wrestling skills left you in tears after laughing so hard, you’re not alone ?

1567621441 34 am bbn s4 20190829 day60 gif cindy fall

Why Cindy? ?

In a House full of drama and heated arguments, it’s refreshing to see that someone finds peace in something else. No, not a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear, Cindy has been caught on Twitter VAR eating through all the Pepper Dem chaos.

As the Gbedu dey enter body 

Considering the dull moments we initially got from the Housemates during the Saturday Night Parties, it only makes sense that Cindy’s role in Biggie’s Twist is to give us party vibes, back to back. Do you agree?

It’s funny that her arrival into the House was met with raised eyebrows on Twitter and shortly after, she started giving the us hot hot. We didn’t see that coming and apparently, you didn’t too.

Omashola Is A Whole Mood

Warri… streets, You can already guess the Pepper Dem Housemate we are talking about.

Omashola a.k.a Warri, a.k.a “Ogoro no get reverse” is a mood anytime in the Big Brother Naija House and we are not alone in this feeling.

Warri Motivation

When you can’t separate the slogan from the man.

King Of The Diary Room

From his first Diary Room session till now, Omashola has not slowed down in dishing out contents that tweet nation loves.

Arena Games Champ

Let’s not say too much, let this tweet do the talking.

Gbas Gbos

Omashola during sponsors Task presentation is gold. We didn’t say so, your tweets did.

No matter what, Tweeps enjoy Omashola’s vibes and they never hesitate to show us.

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