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Here Are Some Safety Tips For Your #DettyDecember Road Trips! Thank Us Later

With the many potholes on the road now, it’s better to drive carefully.   This December, don’t kill yasef before you eat Christmas chicken, drive gently – you will still reach your destination laslas.



December is upon us, yayyyy. We’re excited and we know you are too. After all, December is the perfect time to travel to the villa/city and meet with your long-lost relatives. December trips are mostly planned ahead and are usually sweeter when you aren’t traveling alone. If you are close to your cousins and other family members, you will start hearing things like “how far, you dey go villa?” “We go meet for PH, make we go flex this December”.

Even your nieces and nephews will not let you rest “aunty, please buy chocolate when coming”, “uncle, I want video game”.

Because this period is ‘the rush period’, prices of tickets and bus fares have all shot up and, to be honest, we all know the economy is not smiling right now, many will not be able to travel by air.  There will also be a higher rate of accidents and kidnappings on the road because many people will be traveling a lot this period and at the same time too.

Anyway, if you are traveling this December, you need to take certain safety measure. This December, it doesn’t pay to do odeshi and feel nothing can happen to you. The Kaduna-Abuja road is still very much the operation route of many kidnappers, so if you can, avoid that road. If your Assistant Commissioner of Police can be kidnapped on his way to Jos, Plateau state and allegedly rescued after paying the kidnappers 50million naira, then who are you?

Let’s all be wise, shall we?

So are you traveling? Follow these safety tips:

Get spare car tools

One of the worst things that can happen to you while traveling is to run out of fuel or have a flat tire in a dangerous or quiet area. Ensure you have everything that will make your car function well; a spare tire, a full tank, tire jack, a warning triangle, etc. so that once your car starts to misbehave, you can quickly fix it back.

Pack enough to eat and drink

There’s currently a heat-wave in the country, so you need to get enough water packed. If you can, never stop on the road to buy things to eat, this will make your journey faster and less prone to kidnapping or robbery. If you must ease yourself, it is advisable not to do so by the roadside or inside the bush. As a matter of fact, don’t do it at all at all. Nigeria is already the second country in the world with the worst open-defecation case, don’t add to it, biko. Drive into a restaurant or hotel and request to use their restroom.

You should also have a first-aid box in your car, just in case of emergencies.

Avoid night journey

For those who are traveling from the North to the West and vice versa, we know night journeys are usually sweeter – free road and all. But with the current security condition of the country and the many large potholes sleeping majestically on Nigerian roads, don’t try it. It is better to travel during the day where you fit see front wella.

Obey traffic rules and observe car safety measures  

If you are driving with your little kids, then you know they shouldn’t sit in front, right? You also know that you need to make use of your seat-belt, right? All these things look like they do not really mean, but they are highly important. Ensure you put your baby carrier in the right position, don’t speed off when the light shows red because you think no car is driving in the opposite direction. Obey traffic rules, have your complete car documents and you’ll be fine.


Don’t roll your eyes, we know you’ve heard it a million times. Anyway, we will still talk! For those of you that will be driving on a ‘free’ road, meet up with a fellow driver on the road (someone you don’t even know), nod to each other and start a driving competition on who can be the fastest driver, we see you. Keep playing Asphalt 8 with your life! Some people do ‘driving competitions’ with fellow drivers on the road. One lady shared on social media how she used to over-speed until one guy drove up to her and said: “I pity your mother”. With the many potholes on the road now, it’s better to drive carefully.   This December, don’t kill yasef before you eat Christmas chicken, drive gently – you will still reach your destination laslas.

Use one eye to watch out for SARS

This might sound funny, but if you know what’s good for you, better watch out for SARS while driving. This December is also their time to shine and look for who to harass and extort, so if you see them moving in one direction, swerve to the other direction before they’ll collect all the money you want to use for Detty December.

Book your bus ahead

Don’t wait until the day of your travel before you do your bookings. Many transport companies now make it easy for you to book your bus earlier, especially through the internet to avoid rushing. There’s no 2 minutes wait and get passport when it comes to traveling. Do your bookings now.

Don’t gamble with your life, stay safe and enjoy this season.

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