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Feeling Overwhelmed Mentally? WATCH Peace Itimi’s New Vlog on Staying Sane



The world is going through a phase that is completely new to many and it might be quite difficult to adapt to the new post coronavirus normal, but Peace Itimi is here to address that in her new vlog.

She says:

This video is particularly for everyone who like me has felt overwhelmed and maybe a bit out of control in the last couple of weeks. It is for everyone who has felt like they aren’t doing enough or coping well enough or trying so hard to keep up with the latest trends and influx of content. It is for those who haven’t found it very easy to adapt (and move on quickly.

Hey, It is OKAY. It is okay if all you can do right now is breathe. Before you begin again; before jumping, pivoting, and or creating; please take care of yourself first. While jumping, pivoting, and or creating, do not neglect your mental health. Pay attention to HOW you feel, gauge where your head is at; how is your spirit, your heart, are you doing okay? If yes; keep going and regularly check to ensure you remain sane. If No; stop, breathe, repair your universe, and then continue.

Watch her vlog below:

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