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WATCH Peace Itimi’s New Vlog on “Privilege, Empathy & Action”



Last week, Ghana lifted its lockdown; Nigeria is reopening its economy next week, some U.S. states and European countries are gradually moving to ease quarantine restrictions. Governments are making the decision to relax restrictions on movement and commerce not (just) because they have the coronavirus under control, but because people need to work so, they can eat.

Peace Itimi is back with a new motivational video on the “Privilege, Empathy & Action: The Power Combo”. She says:

Regardless of how unsafe it might be, many people will be compelled to leave their houses because of food and other basic amenities that they need to work for. BUT, On the other hand, some people are lucky enough to have a source of income that is not dependent on going outside – what a privilege at this time!

This thought is what inspired this video.

I hope (pray) that people who are in some way or the other privileged – they don’t need to be outside to make a living, they didn’t lose their jobs, they don’t have to quarantine alone etc.), – will become more conscious of this blessing. I hope it will lead them to empathise with others, and more importantly, to take action – call someone, send a text, send a care package, send food, donate, say a prayer – act in whatever way you can to help others who do not have what you have.

Let your blessings (your privileges) lead to gratitude, let it induce your empathy and let that spur to you Action, Now but also, ALWAYS.

Watch the video below:

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