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Tuke Morgan is Sharing her Experience with Lockdown Life on this New Vlog



Tuke Morgan is out with a new vlog and she is giving us the gist on how lockdown life has been for her.

Answering a couple of questions, Tuke Morgan shares some of the things she enjoyed about the Lockdown, the events she missed because of the Lockdown, the skills she gained, and how she has been spending her time during the Lockdown.

She says:

No one could have predicted that a Pandemic would hit the world in 2020 and all the Nations will be on Lockdown.

I’ve only left my house 3 times in the past 2 months and no one knows when or if things would get better anytime soon.

In this video, I’m sharing some of the things I’ve enjoyed about the Lockdown, events I’ve missed because of the Lockdown, skills I’ve gained during this lockdown, how I’ve been spending my time during the Lockdown and more!

Watch the video below:

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