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The Judges Thought this “America’s Got Talent” Audition was Worth A Golden Buzzer, We Did Too

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Cristina Rae, a single mother, went on “America’s Got Talent” for a chance to give herself and her son a better life, she said. She had been homeless while she was pregnant with her son, and she just wants to be able to provide a home for him.

Then she went ahead and delivered a powerful and emotional audition, which moved the audience and judges to tears.

The talented singer received a standing ovation and a golden buzzer from Heidi Klum, which means she’s going straight to the live shows.

The judges were so impressed by her that Simon Cowell said “there’s absolutely no point making shows like this unless we found people like you”.

Heidi Klum said “I think you are absolutely out of this world” before hitting the golden buzzer.

Watch her audition:

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