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Toke Makinwa talks Social Education on this Episode of “Toke Moments”



There is a lot happening in the world right now and while there is a lot of anger, Toke Makinwa thinks we can also use this opportunity to educate the ignorant.

She says:

Shamming of rape victims, questioning their account, being a rape apologist and silencing the victim has to stop, a lot of people do not even know what being a rape apologist is, someone genuinely asked me if a husband can rape his own wife, no matter how hard these conversations are, we have to have them not to shame the ignorant but to hopefully educate them. there is the issue of #Blacklivesmatter, we all know all lives matter, the war is not black versus white but humans versus racist, resist the urge to say #Alllivesmatter because if all lives truly mattered we would not be fighting for Black Lives.

If you have nothing to say, it’s ok to stay silent less you open your mouth to offend, these are crazy times and we can only use our platforms and voices to spread knowledge.

Watch the vlog below:

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