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You Don’t Want to Miss the New Season of “The Metrowoman Talk Show” | Catch Up on Episodes 1-3



The new season of “The Metrowoman Talk Show” with Chinenye Nnoli, features in-depth discussions about relationships, marriage, finances and social issues from a mixed background of carefully selected guests who are life coaches, bloggers, influencers and business owners.

A lot of the problems women face in their work and career are influenced by issues in their relationships and personal lives. This season features lots of inspirational and true-life stories, strategic tips and motivation all to remind you that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

The inspirational and true-life stories, strategic tips and motivation from the guests who are experts in their field, offer lessons of growth and serves as a reminder that women can achieve whatever they set their minds to.

Catch up on episode 1 to 3.

Episode 1:

Linda went on a date with a friend she met on social media. After the date, she was invited to his house for drinks. Apparently, her drink was spiked and she woke up the next morning realising she had been drugged and raped. Kevwe and Temitope, talk about how Linda can heal from this trauma and move on from it. But is there something women can do to protect themselves from date rape?

Watch the full video to find out.


Episode 2:

On this episode, the topic of discussion is on the issue of cohabiting and how it affects single women. The question is from Vera, a single lady who lived with her boyfriend for 5 years, he dumped her and is now getting married to another woman. She is distraught and looking for answers; what did she do wrong?

This conversation addresses a somewhat popular trend, Ibukun and Porshe share very interesting but similar perspectives.

There is a lot to learn here.


Episode 3:

How do you ensure your customers keep coming back for more? Joy Oziegbe and Bukky Bash both small business consultants explore customer service retention strategies.

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  1. Trenna

    July 3, 2020 at 8:38 pm

    Good discussions, Episode 3 guests were very good. Love the show, good job.

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