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25 Years After their Famous Duet, Brandy & Monica go Head-to-Head with a Music Battle



Forget the boy—Brandy and Monica just broke the Internet with a music battle 25 years after their famous duet.

The duo gave us epic key playing and note hitting in their head-to-head Verzuz battle, as each R&B icon performed their legendary tracks.

Hosted live at the Tyler Perry Studios, the two vocal giants played their top hits for over 1 million fans, who joined the party within just the first 30 minutes. Stars like Michelle Obama, Keke Palmer, Fantasia, Bryan Michael Cox, Missy Elliott, Johnta Austin, Solange and Jimmy Jam even tuned in to watch the celebration of over 20 years of musical mastery.

Monica was decked out in an elegant form-fitting Fendi outfit, hat and neat bob, while Brandy was in bohemian patched jeans, multi-coloured coat and long braids. She read several poems during the session as well, which amplified her hippyish vibe.

Of course, the showdown couldn’t be complete without songs from the debut albums that launched both artists’ careers: For Brandy, it was, “I Wanna Be Down,” “Baby, Baby, Baby” and “Broken Hearted”; and for Monica, “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One Of Them Days),” “Like This And Like That,” and “Why I Love You So Much.”

Watch and enjoy:

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