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8 Takeaways from Kanye West’s Interview on Nick Cannon’s Podcast “Cannon’s Class”



Nick Cannon sat with award-winning rapper Kanye West for his latest “Cannon’s Class” podcast episode.

In the interview, Kanye West spoke about politics, religion, fashion, money and family.

The fashion mogul opened up about his first-ever presidential rally in North Charleston in July. Spoke about a significant moment in his life when he and Kim Kardashian learned they were expecting their first child together, North West, and they both initially contemplated abortion before deciding against it in the end.

Here are eight takeaways from the heart-to-heart chat below:

On being left out of Forbes’ 2019 billionaires list

What [God] says is He says, ‘None of that matters.’ I went in from being snubbed by a magazine, but I was recognized by God…I got snubbed off the Forbes list for two years that they said I wasn’t a billionaire. How you jump from a net worth of $240 million to $3.3 billion unless you been snubbed? And it felt like we not gonna allow people to know that someone that didn’t follow our rules could actually make it. Then God gave increase.

On the Paparazzi

But I’m gonna tell you one thing about media: I’ll hop in the car with a paparazzi; I hire paparazzi. I know it’s down ’cause of COVID, I am hiring. I’ll buy all the paparazzi companies. I wanna pick the exact photos. That has always been an idea of mine.

On his 2016 Hospitalization: 

God brought me to my knees multiple times. The first time that I was put into the hospital in 2016, I actually started reading the bible. That was part of what God hit me with. You know, God has a calling on all of us and he uses us in different ways. I’m not gonna lie to you, I like being cool. I didn’t go into an environment to come off uncool.

On the importance of family

The accomplishment was to be—to have that—and still be sensitive enough to cry at the idea of aborting my daughter. Like, I had a friend that said, ‘You’re not enjoying it.’ Well, what’s the ‘it?’ Because North don’t read Forbes… She just knows if daddy is home or not. If I’m away from two weeks, she’ll be like ‘Dad, I miss you.’

It’s like, the family is just the key to the world, period—from our immediate family to our friends and family, our co-workers and family, our city and family, our state and family, our country and family, our world…the culture of humanity needs to be family. A culture of family. But the design of our cities, the design of our schools, there’s a lot of things designed to not promote family; they’re designed to create separation.

On Sunday Service 

When I did Coachella, we built this mountain. And then afterwards, we tried to do like this mountain in this park in our backyard. And Ray Romulus, who worked with us on Sunday Service, said, ‘It sound like we just had a Coachella hangover or something.’ And then we took it and we took the mountain and we shaped it this way. Do you know what happened with the sound? Have you ever put an iPhone in a cup? It amplifies. So actually for the fact that we got lower, our sound amplified. We are lower, the more humble you are.

On the 2009 VMAs controversy with Taylor Swift 

If God didn’t want me to run on stage and say, ‘Beyoncé had the best video,’ he wouldn’t have sat me in the front row. I would’ve been sitting in the back. He wouldn’t have made it the first award. And [He] wouldn’t have made it so ridiculous of an idea ’cause I had never heard of this person before that night. And ‘Single Ladies’ is like one of the greatest videos of all time…. And I was only drinking Hennessy because I didn’t want to go to the awards show ’cause it was a set-up!

On Birthday Party

Well, it hit me to run for president in 2015. It was about three days before the awards show… And it hit me, and it was funny to me when I said it. I said, ‘This is it! I’m gonna say this.’ And then also when I came up with the name of my party, the Birthday Party, it was funny to me.

It was just crazy, it was ‘Ye-zy. I was like, ‘That’s it! The Birthday Party!’ And you know what made it so, I can only give God the glory because of the connection point to the Birthday… The connection point to the Birthday Party is dealing with life and pro-life because these are kids that now are gonna get a chance to have birthdays.

On his first presidential rally in South Carolina

For anyone who wants to tear me down for crying, you realize that because of South Carolina, there are people who have decided to have a child? Because they connected. And if they were on the fence about it, they never saw anyone in my position take that position and say, ‘Look at this. This is a 7-year-old right here. And she might have never made it here’.

So when I talk to my father, my father made me apologize to him for bringing this up publicly. He also said that the abortion culture teaches people that a child isn’t a real soul. And it was my wife that said, ‘This is a soul.’ And the scariest thing is, she had the pills—you know, you take these pills, you take them and the next morning the baby’s gone—she had the pills in her hand.

Watch the video below:

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