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Sisi Jemimah’s Recipe for the Perfect Nigerian Coconut Fried Rice



Nigerian food vlogger Sisi Jemimah has just released a new recipe tutorial on her Youtube channel. In the video, she talks about how to make the perfect Nigerian coconut fried rice.

She gives tips on seasoning chicken properly, why vegetables should not be overcooked when cooking fried rice, and the importance of washing your rice thoroughly before adding to the chicken broth.

Below are the ingredients for this dish:


3 Cups Rice

400g Coconut milk

900ml Chicken broth

Coconut oil

4 Cups Mixed Vegetables

1.5 Inch Ginger (Thinly chopped or minced)

Boneless chicken chopped into small chunks

(Optional) Cooked Liver or Kidney

(Optional) Diced 1 Cup Desiccated Coconut

(Optional) 1 Cup Cooked Prawns

2 Stalks Spring Onions

Chopped 4 Cloves Garlic

Minced 1 Medium Onion

Chicken seasoning

Black Pepper Powder

Garlic powder

Curry powder



Watch the tutorial below

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