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Wunmi Adelusi: The Power of Positive Affirmations



Happy New Year, people. I am already excited about the beautiful times that await us. At the beginning of this year, I thought to myself, “why is there so much buzz and excitement at the start of every new year?” One answer stuck with me: a new year gives us a new beginning, to do things differently and reposition ourselves better. But I also wonder why we wait for the next 365 days to experience this excitement of a new beginning.

I believe that each day affords us the opportunity of a new beginning, and that is the reality I hope we all live with in 2021. So, as we settle in to work, I want us to ruminate on the things we will do differently this year. For me, I’m going to practice the law of affirmation more.

Law of Affirmation

The law of affirmation states that you attract what you believe, and what you believe begins from what you say. Affirmation is using positive sentences that you continually repeat to yourself to build up self-belief in your subconscious mind. This means having a list of affirmations that inspire and motivate you to be better and help you overcome inner barriers and self-doubt, including imposter syndrome.

These phrases may not necessarily reflect where you are, but they reflect what you want to be true. The consistent repetition of affirmations will help reshape your inner beliefs and assumptions about yourself and your career journey. This reshaping gives you a more positive perception of who you are and what your work represents.

According to the law of affirmation, what you think and feel shapes your reality. The power of affirmations lies in their ability to transform your external world by first changing your internal one. You can also use affirmations for all sorts of goals – from career success, love, and abundance. I have compiled some of my favourite phrases into a 31-day career affirmation for my fellow 9 to 5ers. The affirmation is free, and you can download your copy here. These words are short enough to fit into your daily itinerary, yet they are powerful and unique for each day.

Why are Affirmations Vital?

New Perspective

Daily affirmations will change the way you think in numerous ways. Psychologists and neurologists are increasingly interested in how positive affirmations affect the brain and subconscious mind. As new and more positive beliefs form in your mind, it becomes progressively easier to create what you want in your career, and life generally. Daily affirmations can also boost your problem-solving skills.


As you affirm yourselves daily with positive words, you realize that your actions begin to sync with the words you speak. This makes it easier to focus and remain disciplined to pursue your set goals throughout the year.

You Become More Grateful

Daily affirmations make you more aware of your thought processes, make you focus more on the good things in life, and reconnect you with feelings of gratitude.

Build your Confidence

Affirmations help you get to where you want in your mind way before you physically get there. Each day, those words arm you with a ‘can-do’ spirit. It also gives you hope; there is this feeling that the universe aligns with you whenever you speak positive words.

More importantly, it would help if you genuinely believed an affirmation to be real because their only limitations are those you place on them.

If 2020 has taught us anything, we need more than technical skills to thrive. We need grit, perseverance, and hope. So guys, what are you going to do differently this year?



Photo by SALOMON JR from Pexels

Wunmi is an experienced finance specialist with outstanding academic and professional achievements. She is a mom of two boys. Currently, she works in the Financial Services Industry. Spurred by the desire to inspire young professionals, she started an online community of millennial employees where she shares relevant information aimed at building, empowering, inspiring, supporting and promoting employees to thrive in their careers.

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  1. Esi

    January 10, 2021 at 3:25 pm

    Good affirmation

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