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Keep Up with the Ladies in Episode 8 of The Naked Convos’ Audio Web Series “Aso Ebi”



Episode eight of The Naked Convos‘ new audio web series, “Aso Ebi” has premiered.

Based on a written series by Marilyn Eshikena and Okaimame Oyakhirome, “Aso Ebi” is a self-aware, empathetic series about the self-doubt and unspoken struggles of being a Nigerian woman in her late 20s that engages with societal issues without being defined by it.

The series is voiced by Efe Odudu, Ilooise Omohinmin, Jojo Amiegbe, Keshinro Bami, Seye Banks and Marycolette Unamka. It is produced and directed by Efe Odudu, and executive produced by Olawale Adetula.

This episode begins with an inevitable confrontation between Zino and Mo. Back at the hospital, Anita seems to be completely overwhelmed with anger until she meets Bami on the way and he tells her about his new wifey. Zino and Mo on the other hand are still talking and what was once an innocent conversation seems to have escalated into something else.

Watch the new episode below:

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