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Let Kaliné serenade you with her new song “Dream, far beyond your wishes…”



Afro-soul singer, Kaliné is out with a new song titled “Dream, far beyond your wishes…” decided to everyone who has a dream, who may sometimes struggle to understand if or when their dream will become reality.

She says, “We all go through this phase of uncertainty in a lot of things we do in life. It’s never easy to ‘keep on pushing’ and ‘keep on dreaming’ especially when you don’t see the results immediately. But there are so many stories of hugely successful people; from Oprah to J.K. Rowling – who had a dream and watched it unfold only after several years of toiling. Let them and many many others be our motivation to trust the process, stick it out and stay the course. Our dreams are attached to other people’s destinies. Let’s not break the chain.”

Watch the video below:

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