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Adele Performs “Easy On Me” Live at the NRJ Music Awards 2021



At the 2021 NRJ Music Award, British singer-songwriter, Adele serenaded guests with a live rendition of the lead single “Easy On Me” off her newest album “30“, and it was one stellar performance.

Watch the video below:

In a recent interview, Zane Lowe sat down with Adele to unpack her fourth studio album, “30,” exploring the inspirations behind each track and their impact on her life.

Adele explains that each album has documented a piece of her life, and “30” is the first album she feels is truly and authentically her. Song by song Adele explains her life, her dark moments articulated in “Cry Your Heart Out,” the strength of friendship in “I Drink Wine,” and gaining perspective in “Can I Get It.”

Adele shares that the album is a suite of songs that give you the choice to cry your eyes out or dance along, and that making music has been her most reliable friend.

Adele also sat down with Tom Power for a Canadian exclusive interview about “30” and how the album helped her through one of the most turbulent periods of her life.

In this wide-ranging conversation, the British singer-songwriter also discussed anxiety, parenthood and her close friendship with Drake.

If you haven’t, listen to Adele’s “30” album below:

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