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Ify’s Kitchen Has a Foolproof Method for Making Bitterleaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu)



Ofe Onugbu, or Bitter Leaf Soup, is a traditional dish of the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria. Many non-Igbos avoid bitter leaf soup because they believe it is a highly bitter soup, as its name implies. Ofe Onugbu is not at all bitter. Before adding the leaves to the soup, they must first be properly rinsed to remove any bitterness.

In this new vlog, Ify’s Kitchen will be showing you the surefire way of making the soup. She says, “bitter-leaf soup a.k.a ofe onugbu is not your mate. It is on another level. I am yet to see someone who has tried Ofe Onugbu and won’t go back for seconds. I have made this bitter-leaf soup recipe with so much love and I hope you enjoy it.”

Cooked meat/shaki (tripe) or beef
Meat stock
Dry fish
Scotch bonnet pepper (red and yellow)
Cooked cocoyam
Palm oil
Washed bitter leaf
Seasoning powder
Ground Cameroon pepper
Ground crayfish
Ogili Isi (fermented locust beans)

Watch the video below:

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