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Sekani, Nyerovwo and Ifeoluwa Get Bolu Babalola‘s “Love in Colour” from RovingHeights in the #BNGiveYourBooAShoutOut Valentine Campaign 

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On Valentine’s Day, we asked you BNers to #GiveYourBooAShoutOut by writing a love letter to them, and we got loads of very romantic letters. Luckily, 3 people will get Bolu Babalola‘s Love in Colour from RovingHeights – Nigeria’s leading bookstore.

We must confess that it was quite difficult selecting these three out of the love letters we received but, hey, the most important thing is that love was celebrated, and all the boos felt special, right?

Read the selected letters below:

Sekani‘s boo, Querido, fills her with so much much joy and she lives in the luxury of his love.

My Dear Querido (as I love to call you anytime you make me happy, which is always by the way),

Baby, here is a piece of mine you wouldn’t be reading before someone else. You are not an editor or a proofreader but you like to play several roles when it comes to me, that includes reading all my unfinished works and being a one-man audience when I need to rehearse a speech.

I question myself: how are you even real? Never ever would I have believed a man as you existed outside the walls of mouth watering Harlequin romance novels or the kinds of Aleatha Romig. Ridiculous! You have been conjured into existence by my prayers, deepest desires and all the God-whens I commented on Instagram.

Love is beautiful, with you, I live the luxury of it firsthand, and that’s only just the tip. Somewhere along the line, you morphed from being just sweet to being the sweetest person I know. I am impressed by your ability to read into my mind and thoughts and beyond my default emotionless facial expression. I guess those are one of the many gifts that comes with relationships built of the purest and strongest form of friendship. The whole 50 reasons why I love you can never be enough to put this feeling into writing. I love you beyond all the reasons I say I do. While to some love blinds, to me, love binds. You tell me all the time that you’re so lucky to have me, darling, I am the one on the right side of luck.

You give me unfathomable joy. On some days, I sit and watch memories of us flash across my mind like a movie reel, I watch slowly and extend the bliss of happy moments hitting me. I loop scenes of your laughter, let it echo through me and cause smile lines to crinkle at the corner of my eyes.

And even on days you give panadol and I a headache, I still run back to you seeking comfort cos as Jay Shetty says, healthy relationships include uncomfortable conversations.

No matter how cliché “butterflies in the tummy” is, I still feel them with you.

Thank you for making it possible that a hard girl like me relates to Timi Dakolo’s Medicine and John Legend’s Conversations in the dark.

Thank you for being my belay rope and safety net.

I am grateful to God for you.

I am grateful to you for us.

Now, read the first word of the first five paragraphs.

Your girlfriend,

Sekani (as you love to call me anytime I make me happy, which is always by the way).

Nyerovwo met her boo, Osy, at a filling station and it’s been such a smooth ride since then.

Osy, my love.

Do you remember when you first asked me out?

At the time, it had been 3 months since we first met at a fuel station. We were sitting in your car, gisting as usual because neither of us wanted to end it and quite frankly, we were having too much fun. That’s one of the things I love about you, our idea of fun is very similar

The way we have multi-layered conversations that are so introspective my blood pumps and my hormones are raging. The way we are able to navigate from one topic to another, fluidly.

I have never had that with anybody; this intense connection that I feel with you. And I told you this much, to which you answered “we should just make this relationship official already”. And we did.

It’s been 9 months of me getting to know you more. Seeing your depth, your vulnerabilities, your mind. Gosh! How I love your mind.

There are a couple of things I love about you. I love how your eyes squint when you smile. How, when you make a weird face before you say something, I know I’m about to be annoyed. How you look at me with so much passion when we are about to make love. So much so that my body responds, even when we are in a room filled with people

I love that you are funny and you balance my seriousness with your goofy side. I love that you laugh so easily, makes me feel like the funniest woman on the face of the earth. I love how your body language eases and your tone softens when you are telling me about the dreams you have for our future. I love how we are building the life that we desire, one mental brick at a time. I love how our lives fit so snugly into one another

You make it all so worth it, Osy.

I cannot wait to give you a little girl that looks like me but has your personality. And a son that’s going to look up to you, in awe, the way a boy looks up to his father. I cannot wait for us to begin to live all our dreams

There is so much in store for us baby and I cannot wait to explore that with you. I love doing life with you my love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.


If there is one thing Ifeoluwa loves so much about Khaleesi, it is how she walks like the world can wait for her. And why not? Stand still for the queen.

Dear Khaleesi,

Sometimes, it genuinely feels like words aren’t enough to describe exactly how I feel about you. Today, it feels like one of those times.

I like you in the morning when you just wake up and your hair looks all messy because your bonnet fell out in the middle of the night.

I like you in the afternoon when you transform from someone who questions why we have to wake up every day to a powerhorse of energy defeating all your assigned tasks.

I like you when you do that annoying “I’m fine” thing even though you’re clearly not fine, but you refuse to leave my side because “my presence is comforting” (the “I’m fine” thing makes me like you a little less though).

I like how you make every thing you wear looking f***ing magnificent and you walk like the entire world can wait for you because you’re not rushing anywhere.

Basically, I like you, all of you. Every part of you.

Happy Valentines, my love.


A huge shoutout to everyone who sent in their love letters; they made us fall in love over and over again. Read the other stories HERE.