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Abiodun Aladetan & Eze Samson join Funmi Iyanda to discuss the Apprenticeship System in Eastern Nigeria

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Commerce, Industry and Development are necessary for a country’s advancement. Known for an entrepreneurial streak, is the Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

In this episode of the “Public Eye“, Secretary of the Trade Union Congress of NigeriaAbiodun AladetanBenjamin Adeyemi (Apprentice at Ladipo Market); Eze Samson (Apprentice at Ladipo Market); and, Anayo Chinemerem (Spare parts dealer) join the host Funmi Iyanda and delve into Igbo apprenticeship system popularly known as “Imu Ahia”.

Comrade Abiodun Aladetan- Secretary, Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) Lagos STATE COUNCIL. (@aladetanabiodun, FB: Aladetan Abiodun)
 – Benjamin Adeyemi (Apprentice at Ladipo Market)
 – Eze Samson (Apprentice at Ladipo Market)
 – Mr. Anayo Chinemerem (Spare part dealer)

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