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Oyindamola Olajide: The Best Ways to Give Thoughtful Gifts

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Last week, a group of young men were lamenting about how their friends and family give them just boxers and singlets every year as gifts. They wanted to know if there are other things they could get.

Gifting goes beyond cute wrapping paper with dramatic displays. Rather, it is something that is intended to go deep into the heart of the recipient. Therefore, the satisfaction gotten from a gift given isn’t achieved until the recipient’s feedback has been gotten. Here are some thoughts on how to give gifts:

Have a Budget

Every gift will cost you something, but having a budget will help you determine which you can afford and the ones you cannot. A budget helps to narrow down your search and manage your finances better. Once you have a budget, you can start exploring your gift options.

Know Your Recipient

The recipient is as important as the gift itself. And since it’s for the recipient, you should take into consideration their interests, hobbies, profession, favourite colour and others. Once you know your recipient, you can tailor the gifts to suit their personalities and preferences and also fit your own budget.

Communicate with Your Gift

Knowing the gift recipient is not only enough – this will only help you narrow down your gift options. But it’s not enough. Imagine knowing someone likes bracelets but the person already has thousands of them. Getting them a new bracelet may not mean much to them. A gift is means of communication. It’s a language. Therefore, you must take out time to ask yourself what you would like to communicate with this gift. This would help add a personal touch and emotion to the gift. It removes the gift from something you just picked out from a rack to something you deeply thought about.

Employ Professional Services

The thought of giving a gift and then picking something out of the many options could sometimes get overwhelming. These worries can range from where to get the items, how to package them and how best to deliver them. A professional gift stylist and gift curator would take you through this journey seamlessly without you moving an inch, minimising your stress levels while still allowing you to achieve the desired results with your gift.

Those young men were complaining because their “gifters” do not know the gift that speaks to their hearts. A gift is a means of communication, so decide what you want to say, the message you want to pass across and then go for it.




Oyindamola Olajide is a Gift curator and Creative Director at the Magic Box Gift Company, a gifting outfit that curates thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing gifts for every occasion while paying keen attention to the client’s budget. Her desire to nurture relationships with gifts and thoughtful expressions led to the birth of the gift concierge company. A formidable language expert with a bachelors' degree in French and a Masters degree in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies both from the University of Lagos, Oyindamola pursues her passion for building and nurturing relationships by creating happiness through gifts and meeting the essentials needs of people. As a seasoned gift curator, she uses her passion for writing to educate individuals on the need for gifting and reiterating the gift culture in our society.

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