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Ayishat Olanrewaju: How to Show Up Authentically When Building your Brand

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Building a personal brand requires authenticity, and it is easy to spot when your personal brand lacks authenticity. Thus, when your brand lacks authenticity, it can drive your ideal audience away. And so, as you pave your way through building a personal brand, you should also be building authenticity for it.

The personal in your brand matters a lot. It might sound redundant, but it’s not. What personal means here is related to you, something that distinguishes you from other groups. For instance, a clothing line is a brand, but what makes yours personal and authentic is how different your designs look when encountered. “Personal” focuses on the value that you can bring to the table.

Your brand should be genuine and not an imitation of someone else’s because it highlights and accentuates how your personality adds value to the lives of others. Sometimes, when deciding to build their brands, people get caught up in some cases where they find themselves mirroring other people’s brands. As a result, their brands become ineffective or inauthentic. If your brand doesn’t come across as an experience that accentuates the real you, then it is likely to be a mismatch. 

One of the possible reasons for the lack of personal brand authenticity is the performance of the appearance they present to people. They try to be different, but not authentic. The truth is, you do not need to perform so a certain set of people would accept you or so that people can think you are someone else other than who you really are. Rather, you just need to be you for people to recognise you.

It is important to note that there is a place for gaining inspiration, rather than copying. You can be inspired by other people’s brands but you do not have to copy their brands.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure you resist the urge of performing but rather show up authentically when building your brand.

Know and be clear about your values

When you know your values and you are clear about them, it is easy to know when you are going off course or when something doesn’t feel authentic to you. It also helps you to know when you are mirroring the values of others and not focusing on yours. As I mentioned, you can be inspired by others, but the problem comes in when you go beyond inspiration and you start copying.

Know why you are intentionally building a personal brand

What is the reason behind building your brand? The purpose of your brand needs to be clear. Keep it in mind so that it guides your decisions regarding your brand. When you know why you are intentionally building a personal brand, the actions you take and the decisions you make will reflect your ‘why’ and not someone else’s.

Share your ideas authentically

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas authentically. Sometimes you might want to make a post online that has the potential of offering huge benefits to someone out there but you are scared of what the response might be. You might think: what if people don’t respond to my post? Well, what if they do? Even if they don’t, what if they gain immense value from it?

Keep showing up consistently

This is how you get your message heard more. Consistently here means showing up on the schedule or pace that you can truly manage.

Are you willing to build an authentic personal brand this year? Go ahead and be yourself.


Featured Image: Emm E for Pexels.

Ayishat Olanrewaju is a Brand Strategist, Digital Marketer, and a Professional Writer. She is the Founder of Corporately Lucid, a Content Marketing Agency in Nigeria. Ayishat is passionate about helping brands communicate their values, position themselves, and attract their ideal audience online. Reach her via [email protected] or @ayishat on Instagram.

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