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#BNCelebratingLove: Jason and Holiare Met on Twitter but Their Love has Blossomed Beyond the Platform

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When we discovered each other, she asked me, “What have you been up to lately?” I replied, “Just working and looking for a life partner.” Then I asked her the same question and she said, “Just business and looking for a life partner.”

Well, here we are…

The first time we spoke, I was searching for a knitted sweater to buy and I remembered I had seen a user on Twitter posting knitted works, so I searched for her handle. I texted her when I finally found it. This unserious businesswoman took about a century to reply. She finally did though and I ordered the sweater, I learned that day that crocheting was different from knitting.

The first day we met was during the #EndSARS protest. We both came out to protest but I later discovered she went there to meet a man (yes, not me, lol). It was the first time I saw her and I could swear she had the most glowing and colourful face. She handed me the sweater and we both continued the protest separately. I have to say she was pretty shy and couldn’t dance to save her life when the DJ came around and everyone was grooving. We didn’t talk until a while later. She texted me to say hi, and from that point we became friends.

A little while later, I asked her out on our first date. This is one of my favourite memories of her because that was the day I was certain I liked her, and she immediately seemed like someone to love. She was pretty, funny, and nice. She carried conversations greatly and was just such an amazing person. Even though she came late, that was the most beautiful date I had ever had. I called her to check up on her after the date and we talked about how we bonded nicely and that there was never an awkward moment between us. It was as though we had known each other for years.

Two months later, after we had been friends for what seemed like such a long time, I had gotten to know so much about her, and I fell in love with her. She made me happy every day in such an incredible way I wondered how one person could hold so much power over another person’s happiness. One night, when I couldn’t sleep because of how much I was thinking about her, I sent her a pdf note on how I felt about her and let her know I wanted to be more than just a friend to her. Again, she took such a long time to reply and when she did, she told me she felt almost the same way but she didn’t have romantic feelings for me. I accepted that because even if she didn’t want me in such a way at that point, she had also admitted to loving me too.

We kept talking and going out on dates as friends until the day fate said it was time.

On this day, the second time I went to her apartment, we had our first kiss (which was glorious). She told me that night she doesn’t want to be without me. This made me so happy; I felt like a little boy getting his first bicycle. Well, after that I asked her to be my girlfriend. But she denies this and says I never really did. So I’ll be doing that when we go out for a dinner this weekend. Might play around and give her a ring on my knees too.

So far so good, we’ve had an amazing journey as a couple. We are totally into each other and have been blessings to each other. We are trying hard to love our imperfections and work on areas we admit we can do better. She still makes me happy and I love her beyond words can describe. We have had many conversations about our commitments to a shared future and also about our goals and dreams. What started as a friendship has tipped to become a love beyond the moment.


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