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Dear First Time Voters, Here’s What Will Happen on Election Day

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As Nigerians head out to the polls to elect new presidential and national assembly representatives, we have provided some tips that will get you through the process on election day. However, there are official procedures provided by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that are expected to be effectively followed to allow for a free and fair election.

Here are the things to expect on election day:

  • The voting exercise starts at 8:30 am, which means you can leave your house as early as possible to start the voting process. Normally, the process is less stressful and direct.
  • Once you get to your polling unit, ensure that your name is on the register of voters. The appearance of your name on the register will allow the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS), the device that reads PVC, to quickly recognise and accredit your permanent voter’s card.
  • Present your permanent voter’s card for accreditation through Bimodal Accreditation System for accreditation and permission to vote. You will be authenticated with the BVAS through fingerprint or facial confirmation.
  • Once accredited, you will be given a ballot paper. The ballot paper is where you stamp your vote for the candidate of your choice. Ensure that you make your vote count by not letting your stamp exceed the vote box. A slight tip outside the box renders your vote void.
  • Once you’ve secretly voted for your preferred candidate, head to the ballot box and drop your ballot paper.
  • After casting your vote, you may decide to leave the polling unit or, according to INEC, stay 300 meters away from the voting area to witness vote sorting and counting.

This election is expected to be free and fair; ensure that you don’t involve in any form of violence while performing your civic duty. Voting is your right and responsibility that cannot be taken away from you. Stay safe!

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