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Kehinde Ajose: Insightful Entrepreneurial Lessons from Bimbo Ademoye’s “Teropi Secxxion”



Bimbo Ademoye’s Iya Barakat Teropi Secxxion, has not only captivated the audience with its powerful storytelling but also offers valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and businesses in the realm of content creation. At the recently held African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA), her fans screamed and cheered her on when she clinched the award for the Best Actress in a Comedy category.

From character development to authentic storytelling, Ademoye’s skits provide valuable insights into creating compelling and relatable content that can resonate with audiences. Below, I will explore three content creation lessons derived from Bimbo Ademoye’s “Teropi Secxxion” and discuss how entrepreneurs and businesses can apply them to enhance their own content strategy. 

Authenticity and representation

Bimbo Ademoye’s Teropi Secxxion revolves around attempting to proffer solutions to the problems of the myriad of clients who engage her teropi. She has featured diverse characters of life highlighting their struggles and complex relationships. By featuring different characters, almost everyone will find their fave in one of her secxxions. One of the key lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Ademoye’s work is the importance of authenticity and representation in content creation. 

By representing diverse perspectives and experiences, businesses can establish a stronger connection with their target audience. Entrepreneurs should strive to create content that reflects the diversity of their customer base and ensures that all voices are heard. This inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and builds trust, ultimately driving customer loyalty. This lesson reminds entrepreneurs and businesses that their content should reflect the genuine nature of their brand and make it resonate with their target audience.

Collaboration is gold

In the dynamic landscape of content creation, collaboration has proven to be a powerful tool. And so it can be for entrepreneurs and business owners. Collaboration in content creation opens up avenues for diverse perspectives, expertise, and creativity. When talented individuals come together, their unique skills and experiences blend, which brings about richer, more engaging and more dynamic content.

Bimbo has collaborated with other content creators and entertainers such as Mr Macaroni, Uzor Arukwe, Lateef Adedimeji, Bisola Aiyeola, Kiekie, Portable, and others, and each of them brought their distinct talents, comedic timing, and unique fan base, elevating the quality and entertainment value of the series.

Entrepreneurs can harness collaboration by seeking partnerships with influencers, experts, or other businesses that complement their brand or target audience. By combining forces, entrepreneurs can tap into new ideas, perspectives, and skills that enhance their content creation efforts, making them more appealing and impactful to their target audience.

Memorable and shareable content 

Catchphrases have the potential to make content more memorable and shareable. Iya Barakat’s catchphrases: “We do know what we do do” and “How can I take and be of epp to your life,” have become her signature and acknowledged by her audience and become synonymous with her brand. These phrases have a distinctiveness that sets her content apart and lingers in the minds of viewers.

Entrepreneurs can adopt this lesson by developing catchphrases that align with their brand’s identity and values. Consistently using these catchphrases across various content platforms, such as social media, blog posts, or videos, helps reinforce the brand’s message and build a stronger connection with the audience. Over time, these catchphrases become synonymous with the brand, making it distinct amongst competitors and establishing a unique identity in the market.

Kehinde Ajose is an accomplished visibility strategist and media practitioner with a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals through effective storytelling and brand promotion. He is the founder of Visibility Solutions Media, a top media agency that specializes in helping brands tell authentic stories that deliver results, amplify their message, and enhance their visibility. With his expertise in visibility strategy, Kehinde Ajose has helped countless individuals and organizations gain visibility for their products, ideas, and services, and become highly paid and influential. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, Donjazzyfied, which draws lessons from an African showbiz entrepreneur and '5 costly mistakes entertainers make'.

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