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Get Savvy With the Popular Social Media Slangs of 2024

Next time life tries to whine you, no panic, keep your steeze, maintain your composure, and if all else fails, just go warm eba.



It’s always a cinema on Nigerian social media; drama happens week in and day out and it comes with one or two popular slangs. The interesting thing about the Nigerian slangs is their versatility. A word or phrase can be extracted from a video or episode and will be applied to different, unrelated scenarios. Last year, “dey play”, “let the poor breathe”, “idan” and a few others were some of the popular slangs trends. As a norm, new ones have been coined this year. As we face the second half of the year, let’s look at some of the popular slangs that trended in the first half of 2024. Some of them will eventually be dropped as the year tunes out, and some will outlive the year.

No Panic

It is not how this is written, it is how it is pronounced. Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night, and it seems like there is a white figure standing beside your door, instead of you to shout or start scrambling, don’t panic. All you need to do is find your flashlight. When you’re faced with maximum difficulty, and everything seems to be falling apart, fret not. Just be calm and find an alternative.  “No panic” often comes right after “go whine you”. For instance, “The economy go whine you, but no panic.” It is an important needed slang, especially with the rising cost of living and inflation which can make a lot of people lose their minds. 


Thanks to Farooq and the Ojude Oba festival, steeze – a term used to describe elegance – became more popular. Whether you’re wearing traditional attire with a headwrap, formal office wear, or casual streetwear like baggy jeans and shirts, as long as it exudes elegance, then you have achieved “steeze.” In other words, steeze means elegance.


If you rush to someone’s DM to rant and they send an image of a young Kanoyo O. Kanoyo in a black suit, black eyeglasses with the old Obama hairstyle and staring on, you should know what that means: composure.

Composure is to maintain calmness even in difficult situations. For instance, if you’re completely broke and have no money, you must maintain your composure. Or if you have a job interview tomorrow and you have no idea what to say or how to prepare, you must not lose your composure. Composure does not essentially mean being composed, it means finding a way to remain balanced despite the storm.

Go warm eba

Nigerians are creative. Instead of telling you to keep quiet, sit down, or get out, which might all sound disrespectful, they invented a less disrespectful but still condescending expression: go warm eba. It simply means someone to do something else with their life or time.

In essence, Nigerian slangs continue to capture the essence of everyday experiences as creatively and humorously as they can. As we journey through the rest of 2024, one thing is certain: the drama on Nigerian social media will keep delivering new, amusing slangs. So, the next time life tries to whine you, remember, no panic, keep your steeze, maintain your composure, and if all else fails, just go warm eba. Just never do anything to reduce your steeze or lose composure.



Feature Image by Gabby K for Pexels

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