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Adaora Vivian Egwuonwu

Adaora Egwuonwu, is the Founder and Editor of Royaliving. She is a writer, lifestyle blogger and author of several inspirational articles. Her write-ups have been featured in some of the most Nigerian leading online magazines. She is also a contributor for The Praying Woman, a Christian Lifestyle Blog designed for women of all walks of life. Ada is a  strong, energetic young lady with educational and professional background in Economics, Project Management and Banking. She is currently based London Ontario, Canada and an ardent supporter of non-profit organizations that help fight against poverty, hunger, health challenges, sexual harassment or any form of abuse. Through writing, she aspires to create more positive impact the best way she can to the society and be a source of encouragement to youths and young adults on how to succeed in life if only they believe You can follow her on: Facebook: @royaliving Instagram: @r0yaliving Blog:

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