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Adaora Egwuonwu: Shoot For the Stars But Don’t Despise Little Beginnings

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What is man’s greatest weak point? (The word “man” here is used as a generic term for both male and female.)
I do strongly believe that man’s greatest weak point is the greedy and avaricious desire to be high and above everyone else. The insatiable quest for power, influence and luxury has incredibly blindfolded hearts of men to the hard truth, that getting to the apex begins with just a single step. Often times, we fail to remember or should I say pretend-not-to-know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Becoming the Director of a company doesn’t just happen overnight. You have to work your way through the ranks and rise to the top. Everyone wants the fast and easy way but are we prepared to walk down the aisle of exertion before that door of breakthrough opens?

I’ve come across a few people that would rather depend on monthly allowances from family rather than go out on the streets to job hunt. Some have been brainwashed with the notion that there are no jobs so why bother? You hear words like “I have tried and tried but no show”. You cannot expect great results from making excuses. If succeeding in life is important to you, you will find a way, if not; you will certainly look for an excuse. On the other hand, I also find it very fascinating that some wouldn’t even dare accept a job offer from low income companies because they are waiting for big companies like Chevron to give them an offer of employment. As my country people will say “At all at all, na em bad pass”. Don’t let haughtiness disrupt you from tapping into what will benefit you tomorrow. Starting from the ladder: photocopying, making cups of coffee, sorting files, scanning documents, making another cup of coffee is very essential, not just to demonstrate you are ready to work hard but to appreciate your role when you eventually get the real job.

A stunning inspiring lady shared her “Firsts” on a TV Show starring Jimmy Fallon. When asked what her first job was, she said it was in a Book bindery where folders were made for notebooks. Her tasks daily was to take a metal clip, put it in a hole then pass it over to the next person. That was the job that sent her straight to college. It wasn’t a fun job but what inspired me about her story was that it made her have great respect for working-class folks who do jobs they are not passionate about although it still pays the bills. Such folks are diligent, punctual and do what they are supposed to do. I’m glad that lady is the Michele Obama you and I know today.

Don’t get it twisted, I love and celebrate great accomplishments but let us be sensible enough to realize that “If the obtainable is not available, the available has to become obtainable”. Grab what is available now. A bird at hand is better than two in the bush. You might have better opportunities through that little opening. A lot have fallen victims by selling their souls to the devil out of ignorance or desperation but that should not be your case . Do that which only glorifies your Father in heaven. Humble yourself and the Lord will lift you up. Many great achievers today started from the roots. They toiled, suffered, scrapped in order to accomplish what they have today, thereby leaving good legacies behind. I will say this over and over again…. “The wealth acquired is better than the wealth inherited”.

This is because we tend to adequately utilize and appreciate what we worked for than what was given to us on a platter of gold. Are some of us not even lucky that our parents have done so much to set the pace for us? We are now reaping the fruits of their labor. If not for their persistence, determination and hard work, do you think we would have gone to the best schools and gotten the best jobs? We really do need to appreciate them. They too had little beginnings.

Shoot for the stars! As soon as you get a job based on the minimum qualification you have, treat it like you want to own the company. Be an active team player and a company booster. Never be afraid to make mistakes, they only make you stronger. Observe the way things are done and if you need clarity, never feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions a thousand and one times. Do everything you can in your reach to show your bosses that you are keen about advancing and improving your professional life. Join a board. Elect to be a member of a position if you can. That will give you valuable knowledge and an edge over your contemporaries.

If you cannot afford an education, be entrepreneurial and innovative. Don’t let the economy of the nation dictate your present status. Master a skill or a trade. Learn how to sew, bake, braid or even bead making. Make sure you are good at what you do and you will see yourself being an employer of labor in the future. Most young girls today go to beauty schools to learn how to do makeovers and tie gele (head gear). The social media has even made things a lot easier for us. Some of these skills can be learnt on the internet, without cost.

Take only what is edifying to your soul and maximize it. It will surely yield great dividends. Be useful at all times. That is a ladder to greatness. Greatness is inherent in man but it takes only the application of wisdom to discover the potential God has deposited in you. He gave us equal opportunities, the only difference lies in how each of us maximizes his own. Ask God for wisdom. Let no one talk you down. Be confident and carry yourself with prestige.

Finally, be positive and stay connected. Always be sociable and outgoing. Attend business seminars and workshops. You can volunteer in any not-for-profit organization. This can create room for you to meet and interact with people from different walks of life because you can never tell who is watching and who God can use to elevate you.

Your humble beginnings, please do not despise! For one day, you will look back and realize they were the big things that mattered most.

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Adaora is a strong, energetic young lady with an educational and professional background in Economics and Project Management. A strong supporter of non-profit organizations that help fight against poverty, hunger, health challenges, harassment or any form of abuse. Aspiring to create more positive impact the best way she can to the society and be a source of encouragement to youths and young adults on how to succeed in life if only they believe.

Adaora Egwuonwu, is the Founder and Editor of Royaliving. She is a writer, lifestyle blogger and author of several inspirational articles. Her write-ups have been featured in some of the most Nigerian leading online magazines. She is also a contributor for The Praying Woman, a Christian Lifestyle Blog designed for women of all walks of life. Ada is a  strong, energetic young lady with educational and professional background in Economics, Project Management and Banking. She is currently based London Ontario, Canada and an ardent supporter of non-profit organizations that help fight against poverty, hunger, health challenges, sexual harassment or any form of abuse. Through writing, she aspires to create more positive impact the best way she can to the society and be a source of encouragement to youths and young adults on how to succeed in life if only they believe You can follow her on: Facebook: @royaliving Instagram: @r0yaliving Blog:

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