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Ibrahim Babátúndé Ibrahim

Ibrahim's works have appeared (or are forthcoming) in Door is a Jar Magazine, Ebedi Review, Ake Review, Sub-Saharan Magazine, Agbowó Magazine, Journal of African Youth Literature, Black Muslim Reads anthology, Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine, and elsewhere. He is a finalist of Goge Africa's #GogeAfrica20 Writing Contest and Ibua Journal's Pack Light Series. He started reading at an early age, influenced by his grandmother's storytelling of African folklore. He picked up his first James Hadley Chase novel at 8; and for the love of stories, was already done with both the Quran and the Bible by the time he was 10. Ibrahim sees himself as a seeker and a truth-sayer. His works explore the human experience from an African perspective. He's a lover of words – the dictionary was once his favorite book. He writes from Ilorin and can be found on @heemthewriter across social media.

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