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DeTOXIFY your Body



033-main_FullYou know the feeling, one day you wake up feeling bloated, your face is covered with pimples, you are having another one of your frequent headaches, you are fatigued by noon, and unable to focus. If you find yourself experiencing these signs and more, then you should know that your body is indicating to you that it’s time to re-evaluate your diet.

What are Toxins?

Due to our busy schedules, some of us forget to eat well-balanced meals that are enriched in nutrition; this often results in our body’s inability to break down chemicals, often leading to their build up in our body. Oftentimes, chemical elements in our environment, air and food; as well as toxins found within the body, enters and slows down our body’s waste removal process. This damage to our internal systems often leads to hormonal imbalance and deficiencies; by affecting major organs like our kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal systems, our body is weakened and susceptible to illnesses, allergies, and oftentimes major ailments like cancer.

As a part of our general well-being, it is important that we take the time to cleanse our system of toxins, and this can be done through a process known as Detoxification.

What is Detox

 Detoxification is the process of eliminating waste and toxins from the body. It is not about fasting, but it is a complete change in diet and lifestyle that is supposed to enrich and nourish the body for a short amount of time. While detoxing, certain groups of food that require a lot of energy for decomposition, are eliminated from consummation, giving the internal body a “break” from constantly being overworked. “Detox-ing” the body is usually done in a short amount of time, and varies in methods. Some range from limiting one’s consummation of processed foods, to only consuming foods that are heavily densed in their liquid content. Before embarking on any kind of Detox program, it is important to first seek a physician’s advice, regardless of the number of “How-to Detox” books available. “Detox-es” are not advisable for pregnant women, people with anemia and other nutritional deficiencies. One very easy and healthy Detox program to follow is to avoid and reduce the use of sugar, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, and any other form of chemically processed foods, while consuming WHOLE organic fruits, vegetables and an adequate amount of water. Oftentimes, people mistake Detox for juice fasting, the problem with this is that “fasting” of any type that is prolonged longer than it should be, damages the body more than it repairs it. Even though Detoxing is often used to jump-start a diet plan; it in itself is not a diet, but a cleansing program and must be carefully observed. It is important every once in a while (generally recommended at least twice a year) to give your body a break from constantly processing food, by going on a Detox.

A proper Detox, when done correctly will not only clear your skin, but will improve your digestion, regulate your metabolism, and increase your body’s sense of “alertness”.