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“I Asked the Lord to Make It Clear!” Read Lola Akindele’s Narration of How She Got Confirmation of her Fiance Dayo being “The One”

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At BellaNaija we’re always happy to read from our readers. Lola Akindele‘s email was full of excitement when she sent us this “testimony”. Her story is indeed interesting and we knew we had to share. Lola and her beau Dayo Busari are now married and we to bring you their wedding feature soon. It is a long read but it is truly engaging. We implore you to keep reading to find out more about Lola’s interesting journey towards the institution of matrimony.

How We Met
Before I start, I just want to say that I actually started writing this testimony early last year, before I got my breakthrough, for I believe in doing things in faith as I knew that God would surely deliver His promises. I then completed writing the testimony after the breakthrough had actually come to pass…which happened about 6 months after I had started writing it.

At the end of July 2010, I had just come back from a holiday with my sister and friends and I was also rounding up my dissertation for my masters program. I was ready for the next stage of my life and I prayed for God to reveal my future husband, as I didn’t want to be lead astray by some of the guys in my life who had shown interest at that time.

I decided to do a week of prayer and fasting for God to please lead me to my future husband and to give me a discerning spirit throughout the whole process.

Being 26 years old, from the age of 16 up until I was 23, I had had 3 different boyfriends at different stages throughout that time. The reason for breaking up with each one however, had always been the same.

None of them could understand or accept my views on having no sex until marriage (even though they said they were fine with it at first). I had made this decision when I was 13 at my old church, KICC, after reading Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo’s book, “Let’s Talk About Sex” and it’s a decision that God has allowed me to keep, by His Grace.

So this time, I really needed God to bring the man that He had already destined for me to be with and not someone who I wanted to chose with my own reasoning.

The first day of my fast for the week was in August which was the first day that Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo had given out his mobile number for people to call him, just before IGOC 2010. My mother encouraged me to call him and so I did. I told Pastor Matthew my prayer points regarding my future husband and we both prayed for a discerning spirit so that I would know the right one whom God has chosen for me.

Strangely, throughout that week, I randomly received messages and calls from my ex boyfriends, telling me that they still wanted to be with me etc – but I was able to dismiss their advances without being drawn back in. Furthermore, for each of these ex boyfriends, God revealed things to me about them that were warning signs, confirming that He did not want me to be with them.

On the last day of my week of fasting I received a message from an old friend from University called Dayo. We had studied at Queen Mary’s together in 2006, until he left for a different university (UCL) where he completed his masters program. We occasionally kept in touch from time to time. But at this point, we hadn’t spoken for a while and I didn’t know his intentions and was not prepared to ‘waste’ time with another guy who was not ready to deal with my views on abstinence, so I ignored his message without blinking an eyelid.

Surprisingly, later that day, my mother randomly asked after him, saying that she hadn’t heard me mention him for a while. I was shocked and told her that he had actually sent me a message that morning. She urged me to reply to his message, which I did reluctantly.

He Was The Answer to My Prayers
We eventually started speaking, and when I asked why he had decided to contact me after so long, I learned that for some reason, after such a long time, he just felt an inexplicable urge to send me a message on the morning that had turned out to be my last day of prayer and fasting.

And thus began the start of something good. Until the night after our second date, when we were speaking on the phone and I asked him which church he attended. It was at this point that he went silent on the phone. He then said he had something to tell me, something that he had wanted to tell me face to face. I urged him to go on and that’s when he finally told me that he was a Muslim!

I honestly felt like I’d been slapped in the face by a mighty wave of shock and disbelief. Nevertheless, I simply informed him that we would just have to be friends and that as a believer in Christ, there would be no way that our relationship could go further towards the road of marriage.

I informed my parents and they supported my decision, however, I could feel a strong urging in my spirit, telling me not to break up our relationship and to just stay where I was with him. Of this I was certain but what I was not certain of was of how God wanted this to go. Was I just supposed to be a friend to him who would introduce him to Christ and after a period of time we would go our separate ways?

Angelic Intervention
It was not until January 2011 that God began to speak to me so clearly. At the start of January, I awoke at 3am to a bright light shining in my bedroom. There, standing by my wardrobe was a very tall angel dressed in sparkling white robes.
I was so afraid and I could feel a strange sensation surging through my body that would cause me to shake, like my whole body was vibrating and shock waves were going through me but at the same time it was a beautiful feeling.

And then the angel spoke to me. It said that God has seen that I’ve been worried about Dayo being a Muslim, but that I shouldn’t worry about it because in the Lord’s own time, He will bring Dayo to Christ and that the Lord has called for us to be together as husband and wife.

I was shocked, afraid, amazed and glad all at the same time. I couldn’t even speak and the Holy Spirit instructed me to write everything down that the angel had told me. I also wrote down the date and time that it happened and told my family about the visitation.

I was so happy. I had no clue when Dayo’s salvation would take place or when our wedding would be but I trusted in the Lord and even bought my wedding dress and started making wedding plans.

After this, for the next two years, every night at 3am, I would be awoken by the Holy Spirit and be taken to Heaven where I would spend time with the Lord and He would tell me various things about what would happen in my life in the future, as well as about the relationship that he had planned for Dayo and I.

One of the key things that Jesus told me during one of my visits was that He himself would bind Dayo and I together with cords of love that cannot be broken and that we will be joined together when we are made of the same material.

At one point in 2011 the Lord told me that when Dayo gives his life, a sign will take place and that sign would be: one of the elders in my church will come up to me after I have taught my Sunday school class, and enquire of Dayo and the wedding plans.

I wrote and documented everything down, sharing the Lord’s messages with my family but not with Dayo, as the Lord had said that I was not to reveal these things to him. That He himself would reveal Himself to Dayo so that all of the Glory would go to God and not to any man.

Each time that God spoke to me, I would feel that same sensation of shock waves surging through my body and His voice would sound like thunder in my ears, so loud and mighty but also very distinctly clear and full of love.

Deeply Spiritual Revelations
It was fantastic being so close to God and knowing that He truly does care about the individual lives of His people. However, it was also a very hard period in my life, when my faith was tested time and time again and when I was receiving words of doubt from certain people around me and even threats of being disowned because of my relationship with Dayo, I would cry and ask God ‘why is this happening to me? Why couldn’t I just be with a good man from church, where I would have none of these complications’.

But God is so faithful. And He always has a plan. Just before my 25th birthday last year, an angel came to my bedside, bringing a loaf of bread for me to eat. The Holy spirit explained to me that the bread is the Word of the Lord and that dwelling on the Word will bring strength to my spirit.The word of the Lord is the bread that sustains us and that is exactly what kept me going through what was set to be like the lowest point during the two year period of waiting on the Lord for Dayo’s salvation. It was a couple of days after the angel had brought me the bread, that my father had informed me that Dayo had asked for my hand in marriage – and that he had objected to it.

It was at this point that I cried out to the Lord and asked Him for help. I couldn’t stop crying. Then I remembered that the word of the Lord is my strength. Like Hezekiah who laid out his letter before the Lord, I wrote a letter to God, reminding him of His promises regarding Dayo’s salvation and our marriage – and I took the letter to the Lord in prayer and placed it in my Bible by Psalm 27, which states that we should wait patiently on the Lord.

Since the Lord had already told me about Dayo’s salvation, I needed to know if He wanted us to be married first and then Dayo would be saved -or if he was to be saved first, before we were to be married. So I asked the Lord to please make it clear. I did not tell anyone about what I had asked of the Lord that night, yet the next morning, my mother came to me saying that she had had a dream last night, where the Lord was wiping away my tears and comforting me, telling me that He knows that I want Dayo and I to be married now but that I must wait for his salvation first . I was so amazed when she told me and I then revealed to her that I had asked God for a sign regarding this the night before.

I knew that for certain, when God decrees a thing, it will surely come to pass. Exactly 3 months after this, on a Friday, Dayo informed me that he had finally finished reading a book called The Shack, that I had given to him almost 18 months previous to this time, which helped him to understand the God Head and the dynamics of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Dayo’s Salvation
That very same night, my mother had a dream that the time for Dayo’s salvation was now. At 3 am, she woke up everyone in my family and told us to pray for Dayo, for his salvation was almost at hand.

I prayed, believing in God’s promises but also having a slight sense of doubt and despair, for I knew that the past two years had been so difficult. Furthermore, at this point in time, Dayo and I had taken a break, as I wanted him to seek Christ and the truth for himself, and to not accept Christianity just because of me or to just accept Islam because he had grown up in a Muslim home.

I explained that the truth is found in having a true personal experience and relationship with God for yourself and then you will truly know which is the right way to follow God.

God told me that He would put spiritual wings behind Dayo’s ears so that when He calls him to salvation, he would hear and know that Jesus truly is the Lord and to God be the glory, the very next night, after my mother’s dream, Dayo gave his life to Christ and he later explained that he had had a dream that revealed the truth of Christ to him.

The next day was a Sunday…and it was the week that I was scheduled to teach my Sunday school class. And in accordance with the Lord’s perfect promises, after the service, as I was walking out of Sunday school, the very same elder that God had told me about over a year ago, approached me as I was leaving and asked me about Dayo and the wedding, just as God said it would happen.

Straight after I had spoken to this elder, my Pastor, Pastor Ashaye called me aside, saying that he wanted a meeting the next week to discuss the progress regarding Dayo’s salvation. At this point I hadn’t told him about Dayo’s salvation yet and I truly knew that God was moving.

I can only give God the glory because it’s all by His doing. His plans for us will never fail and His pure love for us goes beyond anything that we could imagine.

I am truly grateful to God for blessing me with a man who, despite not being a Christian before, still respected my love for Christ and my views regarding no sex before marriage – a view that even my ex Christian boyfriends could never accept.

God has blessed me with the man of my dreams and brought me my true prince. In fact, at a time when I questioned God about His decision to bring me a Muslim man instead of a Christian, and I was beginning to feel envious of typical young ladies who found their husbands in Church, God’s exact words to me were: You have your prince in Dayo.

I truly bless the Lord for His faithfulness and I thank God for the encouragement and support of my close friends, my siblings, my father and especially my mother, because God revealed things concerning Dayo’s salvation to her and her support throughout it all has been an incredible blessing.

The Glory of My Success
My prayer is that each and everyone of us will never leave the path that God has laid out for us, for when we are in right standing with the Lord, He will surely speak to us and direct us in our lives.

And for all the women and young ladies who are trusting in God for their future spouse, my prayer is that we will always put it into the Lord’s hands. He will surely tell you if He does not agree with you being with a certain individual but the choice will always be ours to either follow His perfect will for our lives or not.

Furthermore, the Lord has blessed me with the ability this year, to complete and publish my first book “Papa’s LITTLE Girls”, which shows the love that God has for His daughters, no matter what they go through in their relationships with men.

This relationship between God and His daughters and their focus on the opposite sex has now become one of the key aspects of my research for my PhD course and I thank God for filling me with the passion to be a mentor to young ladies and to encourage them to love Christ first, before any man.

I give the one and only true Lord, Jesus Christ, the highest praise, as He continues to direct and guide Dayo and I in our Christian faith together as we prepare for our wedding.

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