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Should You Bump This – Music Review: 2Face Idibia – The Ascension



BN Music lovers, we have something new and special for you. We’ve teamed up with the duo at Should You Bump This, and we’ll bring you a special album review of music from some of your favourite Nigerian musicians. Sho and Tunde are seasoned music heads and together, they give their insightful and witty take on the chosen album and artist.

Please read and enjoy.


Tuface Idibia, or Tu-baba as he would like to be known nowadays, is arguably one of the best strikers musicians Nigerian has witnessed. The man really needs no introduction, he recently released his sixth album titled The Ascension and here is what we at the SYBT headquarters think of it

T: Ladies and gentlewomen, let me just start by saying you’re going to hear the word ‘grow’ a lot from me.

S: I use the word “Caribbean” a lot on this.

1. Go feat. Machel Montana
T: I didn’t like this song at first but it’s amazing how great speakers can change your mind, this is my first ‘grower’

S: This song was dope from 1st play for me

T: Good song…

S: This is good Caribbean carnival music. All I see are West Indies girl shaking their behind to this

2. Aproko
T: This is one of those songs I’m sure Tuface sang after someone told him about his football club on Twitter

S: Hahahahha

T: Baba is one of the most prolific strikers of out time without a doubt.

S: I don’t use hashtags …so this song ain’t about me #skipthissong #thisjamisdry #leriqbeatnosweetme

T: #hater #ilovethesong #leriqsabiabeg

3. Holiday
T: My jam! This beat is mental…

S: Nothing sweeter than listening to this song on an actual holiday. Listening to this song on a work Monday is horrible.

T: Every Nigerian can relate.

S: But on Sallah Monday….This song will be the greatest song ever

T: The part where he says ‘everybody start clapping’, i just obey and clap

4. I Can’t Hear You feat. Vector
T: Another banging beat, Vector and Tu-baba came correct

S: Ha banging what?

T: Beat. Better go and replace your headphones

S: Actually, it’s banging…favourite part is Tu-baba screaming “shatup shatup” like a class captain.

T: Vector did the usual with his bars

S: Errrm…I am sorry but where did Vector record his verse?

T: Probably Festac

S: It sounded like he did it in a shower. This YSG palava be like FIFA ban on suarez

T: How ?

S: Suarez can’t enter stadium. It seems Vector cannot enter studio too =(

T: Where are we going for the ‘Free Vector’ T-shirts is all I’m asking

5. Best I Can Be feat Rocksteady and Iceberg Slim
S: Tuface steady killing slow jamz since 99. Iceberg slim is slowly become ‘Mr dope verse feature’. One of my favourite jamz on this album. Just mute Rocksteady’s part and the song will flourish well.

T: Tuface on the first verse was flawless. Why was Rocksteady so offbeat tho’

S: He doesn’t rock steady. Ironic.

T: Be like he no dey studio when dem record am

6. Let somebody love you feat Bridget Kelly
T: Another song that grew on me. The beat sounds like something Usher would love. Tuface does justice

S: My best song on the album. Tubaba murked it. Production is hella nice. Bridget Kelly was solid

T: No lies

S: Why Jay Z no wan push her well na?

T: Has he finished pushing Blue Ivy?

S: I hate you sometimes

7. Kiss of life
T: I got the Tuface I wanted on this jam. Not the one that has started singing for them Francophone and Caribbean countries

S: I like the song till it sounds like he is begging for the kiss.

T: It’s that not what it is supposed to be about?

S: Baba wey don born complete football team…a kiss cannot be his problem.

T: Forget you will see some Nigerian girls lips and you will sing this song. Beautiful song though.

S: I will pass on this

8. I Hate What You Do To Me
T: My tune! Another Tubaba dope song.

S: This is a dope tune.

T: Nuff said…from the production, to the content, to the delivery.

S: Sounds like a throwback song. Really vintage Tuface sound.

9. Confession feat. Dammy Krane and Rocksteady
T: It’s Leriq!

S: This song actually grew on me

T: Omo! You could tell Tuface saw confirm backside. The type that you will see and you will be walking on one spot while you think you’re moving

S: I’m sure he was in Ghana or South Africa.

T: I’ve heard good things about those places.

T: Dammy Krane and Rock Steady too came correct.

S: Rocksteady….hmmm

T: Found nothing wrong with him on this song.

S: Borrow borrow. Took Burnaboy’s style. I had check the track list twice

T: Maybe Burna took his style. Because last I checked Rocksteady don tey.

10. Close To Where You Are
T: Not for me..

S: It’s a good song though. He would like to be close to where she is..*now repeat that 8 times*

11. International Loving feat Kim
T: Nothing ‘international’ about this one. Na Afro-Caribbean love be this.

S: Hahhahahaha… Starring Tuface as Jack Sparrow. I like the song well.

T: Not a bad song tho.. Maybe because I saw featuring Kim and I expected Lil Kim.

S: Another carnival song.

12. Boulay Boulay
S: Well Tuface has decided to go on some La Campagne Tropicana parole.

T: Haha! Like he wants to expand market.

S: Why e no expand go Asia? Sing for mandarin or Kung Fu.

T: If market dey there, PSquare would have gone to pave the way.

S: This is giving me a headache.

T: This track can boulay boulay out of my ears.

13. Diaspora Women feat. Fally Ipupa
T: Another Francophone song. Franco meets techno, decent song. Another ‘grower’ for me

S: I don dey tire. This headache won’t go away. It ain’t like I don’t like Francophone people…

T: Omo those people can fill stadium die!

S: But I can’t bonjour my way through life

T: Je ne pa qui qui you’re right

14. Jeje
T: Pretty good song. Tuface on his Afrobeat tip

S: Tubaba’s song for Felebration is done

T: Oritse Femi still got Afrobeat song of the year

S: You must sha mention Oritse Femi everywhere sha

T: He is the greatest

S: Anyways, trumpets and female background vocals….always a dope formula

T: Yup. No lies there

15. Lessee Passe feat. Sir Victor Uwaifo
T: Let me just hush, Sir Victor na like my great grand dad.

S: Hahahahahahahha… so he should hush like your great grand dad right?

T: Na you talk am o.. Next song abeg..before we get struck by lightening.

16. Ife Dinma Feat Tony Oneweek
T: Another song I won’t be listening to any time soon

S: This song won’t make it in my pc’s recycle bin after i delete it.

T: I’m surprised Tony One Week still sings

S: I thought Tony One week was gonna sing for just ……

T: Stop!

S: One week

17. Not A Surprise
S: Not a surprise that this is the last song. This is the olodo of the album.

T: Hahahahaha

S: I didn’t even remember it was on the album.

T: Skip

S: Tu-baba is a legend….*now that that’s outta the way* This album ain’t even close to legendary status. This would easily get lost in his discography. Put track 6 on repeat and you will be alright

T: Tu-baba didn’t ‘wow’ me on this album, I don’t even think I heard one stand out track. That being said, there are some pretty good tunes on here

3 wRaps

Peace, Love and Yes O!

Should You Bump This is a blog that was started by two passionate Nigerian music fans. They know that 150 Naira is hard to come by these days, so they took it upon themselves to save your money, your time and your ears and give you a candid review of your favorite music. Follow them on Twitter @whoistunde and @ShoWontStop


  1. bangold

    July 31, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    Like u guys can do beter….smh

  2. Idak

    July 31, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Sincere review.
    This album is very average for his standard. Gone through it and no hope of anything beyond one or two growing on me.

  3. U G

    July 31, 2014 at 3:40 pm

    Ur review is all trash u just hating shaa, thank God I have d album en 2 na dope, so u writing dis 2 scatter 2 baba’ s business abi. There is God oo,u might be involve 1 day en no 1 cares.#aproko 4 ya head jare r

  4. Single Shalewa, Bitter Bintu!

    July 31, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    Very apt! This album demystified Tuface/Tubaba, not great in any way.
    Funny enough Track 9 is my favorite – and I really had to look for a track to hold on to ni.

  5. Ready

    July 31, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    Yes! Yaaaas!! I heard the first 3 tracks on the CD and took it out. because I was thinking, this can’t be Tuface. This is progressing backwards. Other than Let Somebody Love You, mba. I don’t want again. Before somebody will say the 12th highest sold album in the world, some of us understand that it was Billboard WOrld, not Billboard 200. Let me iterate that I so badly want him to do well. Dude is a monster with live performances….topnotch artistry and no lip-syncing. But this CD? Oti o. It isn’t it.

    • Idak

      August 1, 2014 at 1:24 pm

      God bless you.

  6. Me

    August 1, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    I met an avid Tuface fan on Tuesday (Standing fan if you may, the guy couldn’t stop jumping up and down with excitement), he made sure I listened to every track on the album. I was bored and wasn’t really feeling as enthused about the album as previous ones until he repeated track 8; I Hate What You Do To Me, safe to say i’m stuck on JUST that track, kinda reminds me of his song “Outside”. The End.

  7. Julie

    August 3, 2014 at 5:04 am

    Nigerians need to make research on all this news first before publishing.. Pls google how to get in the billboardchart remember his on billboard chart biz not on billboard chart200 that has people like rihanna on. Now you know this was not a mistake this was a publicity stunt it being that billboard charts are not searching to see how many records any artist are selling unless u do the following things first you have to buy something called a UPC code which is not expensive it’s the only way to track your cd sales I don’t think that even works in Africa and I doubt if people here In America are paying that much attention to tuface a music.2nd you register for soundscan it’s called Nielson and you set up pre order now for Christi sake tuface new album ascension is wack. What he did was set all this up went online and bought his own CDs it’s pathetic… All for wat we all have ears now everyone is jumping like history has been made… This is annie at work so people won’t say since she married tuface it’s been bad luck for him his careers been going down.. Nigerians we need to amp up pls this people come feed us with any story and we swallow and move on do u know the research made in America remember jay z once bought his own albums to make the billboardcharts 200 ….. This is pathetic

    • Solo

      August 13, 2014 at 2:48 pm

      If you could take this much time to bring down the works of another person, you obviously wont have time to improve yourself…take some pills, should help you embrace others’ successes

  8. Julie

    August 3, 2014 at 5:11 am

    I fact pls I’m a die hard tuface fan but just look at the names above his name in the billboard do anybody know this musicians this billboard chart is for indie musicians here up and coming musicians so long as you can sell 600 copies of your cd online that’s all my advice to tuface keep your money stop buying your cd online after registering with UPC . Enough of all this Nigerians we need to start making concrete research

  9. tim

    August 3, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    whether its for indie orr non indie,the fact is that he is the first nigerian act to make it on that list! Thats a record and there can only be one 1st first! Haters keep hating while legendary 2baba keeps soaring high. Ur favrite artiste cant even make that list after a year of album drop. But 2baba did it in just a week andd a day. Beat that before u start hating!

  10. el t

    August 11, 2014 at 3:09 am

    d album is awesome.. Any song from it will be a hit/classical song in a psquare or a dbanj album

  11. Courti

    August 13, 2014 at 10:37 am

    @el t..thanks.great album.vintage 2face at his revolutionary self when it comes to good music.I dont know what all these negative critics want from this guy.This is a young man that has very well for himself championing the course of good sound since being ön the nigerian music scene over a decade now.What has ur government done to assist him?.he single handedly put our music on the world map with his monsterous African queen.since then he has not stopped.he has never released any bad album.(the RECORDS ARE THERE).with the Ascension album.2baba has just laid another example for others to follow.this may not be ur nigerian-one-track-club mix type of trash you celebrate every day.One fact is dat you cannot take it away from him as the önly clear leader needed at the time of perils.ASCENSION has already broken that has world wide appeal.for good music listeners all over the world.YOU HATERS,continue in ur tracks!!.God bless 2face for this cross over album..good fans:GO BUY UR COPY.


    September 18, 2014 at 4:17 pm


  13. mdk

    October 4, 2014 at 11:17 am

    Thia review is so on point. This is album is so not 2face. No doubt he kills life performances but this was just average plus the fact that his album is top billboard whatever doesn’t mean it is the best album, its just simply that everybody is going to get a new 2face album cus he is simply a legend

  14. holy hart

    October 24, 2014 at 4:51 am

    dnt think tuface bought his c.d to make sales…that’s ridiculous…everybody’s definitely gonna get a tuface album once it comes out that’s reason for the sales but d album generally is just dere…rilly hate #aproko,not a šuprise,Ife dinma and lesse passe but really love let somebody love you,kiss of life for d story telling,hate what u do 2 me,dispora woman for cutting across,and best I can be without d rock steady part,iceberg z alright buh I fink I v had some of those his lines before on too much money…tu face z tryna cut across internationally esp 2 francophone countries buh he didn’t get it 100%…..ama v 2 rate d album 6.5 out of 10

  15. Tosin

    November 4, 2014 at 7:43 am

    Gotta say, I really liked this music.

  16. Tosin

    November 4, 2014 at 7:57 am

    I remember Lesse Passe was really nice too. Na wa for una o.

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