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You Guessed It! The No 1. Movie the World Can’t Wait to See is “Avengers: Days of Ultron”


 on Avengers Age of Ultron - BellaNaija - February 2015

Hello Tripicanites!

We are so excited to be sharing our No.1 movie the world can’t wait to see in the Top 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015. We shared  Part 1 , Part 2 & Part 3 in the earlier part of the month, and boy were they packed full of amazing movies!

Now, we are sure you’ll drop your popcorn for the No. 1 movie – Avengers: Age of Ultron.


1. Avengers: Age of Ultron

In ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, Joss Whedon returns to write and direct the follow-up to the uber-successful and thrilling Avengers film. The picture completes Marvel Studios’ Phase 2 films which includes: ‘Thor: The Dark World‘, ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier‘, Edgar Wright’s ‘Ant-Man‘, and the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘.

In the 2nd Avengers movie, Tony Stark tries to jump-start a dormant peace-keeping program and things go awry. It is now up to the Avengers to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans.

If you think the first Avengers movie was amazing, then you aren’t ready for this one.

Watch the New Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Wow! Can you feel the excitement building already? We don’t even think we’re ready!

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man
Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk
Chris Evans as Captain America
Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
James Spader as Ultron
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver
Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch

In Cinemas: Friday 1st May 2015


For the past couple of days we have been running a competition! If you were the lucky person to guess the No. 1 movie for 2015, we are announcing the winner on our Facebook page: and Twitter handle: @Tripican.

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