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BN Cuisine with Sai: Crab Imoyo

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Imoyo Alakan also known as Crab Imoyo is one of Lagos’s delicacies.

Lagos people call it Aroga gbon gbo which means “Big claws”. This is a family recipe and brings back a lot of memories for me.

My mum used to make this when we were very young and my Dad (bless his soul) loved this so much and would have been so proud to see me make this dish for him. Its not as hard as it sounds, trust me its very easy, the only tricky part is the Eba which again is not so tricky.

The Eba is made with the crab stock and some palm oil and tastes amazing.

Now there are different types of Imoyo such as the “Imoyo Eleja”, which is Fish Imoyo but the Crab Imoyo is tastier than the fish.

What You Need

Dry Pepper
Vegetable Oil
Salt to taste
1 Stock cube
Half a teaspoon of all purpose seasoning
For the Eba you’ll need some Garri
3 tablespoons of Palm oil
The Crab Stock

IMG_1467 IMG_1465 IMG_1472

How To
Clean the crab and ensure you throw away the gill, separate the claws and place in a clean bowl. Once done, add some water (about half a litre) in a saucepan; preferably a spacious pot or wok. Now add all the seasonings and stir.

IMG_1474Place the crabs in and squeeze half a lime into it. Add the dry pepper, one teaspoon of vegetable oil, stir and leave to cook for about 20 minutes on medium heat.

Now take some stock from the crab and pour in a pot to start making your Eba. Add 3 tablespoons of palm oil to the stock and gently pour in the Garri to make the Eba.image1 (1)

Serve and enjoy.

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Watch video here:

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My name is Sai Omojola, I’m a married mum of a new-born adorable baby girl. I am a Forecast Manager of a major appliances company in the hearts of Bedfordshire. I graduated with an MBA (Master of business Administration) from the University of Greenwich London where I also completed my undergraduate degree in BA (hons) Business Administration. Cooking is my hobby which has also led me to having my own food blog and YouTube page. I love to cook different types of dishes from all over the planet. Also working for a major appliance company, that manufactures cookers, I was fortunate enough to meet top chefs around the UK such as Gino D’acampo, James Martin, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. One inspiration I have been able to gain from these chefs is that cooking is a self-taught vocation, hence why I started a YouTube page to give a step by step guideline on cooking to amateurs. Welcome to saiprojects cooking.

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