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My name is Sai Omojola, I’m a married mum of a new-born adorable baby girl. I am a Forecast Manager of a major appliances company in the hearts of Bedfordshire. I graduated with an MBA (Master of business Administration) from the University of Greenwich London where I also completed my undergraduate degree in BA (hons) Business Administration. Cooking is my hobby which has also led me to having my own food blog and YouTube page. I love to cook different types of dishes from all over the planet. Also working for a major appliance company, that manufactures cookers, I was fortunate enough to meet top chefs around the UK such as Gino D’acampo, James Martin, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. One inspiration I have been able to gain from these chefs is that cooking is a self-taught vocation, hence why I started a YouTube page to give a step by step guideline on cooking to amateurs. Welcome to saiprojects cooking.

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